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I have been working at The Grand Hotel of Locked in Lace for several years now and have thought that I had seen every thing possible. The Grand Hotel is a cornerstone of the Melandren Corporation and specializes in the proper development of pathetic sissy’s.  Mistress Wanda called me and told me to bring her a c-1 chastity device. The c-1 is the smallest chastity device available. “Bring your friend KittyKat with you!”, Mistress Wanda ordered. When Mistress Wanda tells you something, you do it. I called KittyKat and told her to meet me in the Head Office ASAP. We both entered the office together and I held out the c-1 device. “Now watch girls, this is something you must see to believe!”, Mistress Wanda said. “Lisa, put the device on this pathetic little thing if you can!” I have attached many chastity devices since I too was first brought here, and have worn them also, but there was no way the c-1 could be attached. It is the smallest little dick any of us have ever seen. The c-1 just fell off.


©2020 Melissa Daniels & Renee Carter-Daniels

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