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Reply To: Mermaids & Roasts at M&R (looking for players)


(OOC: I’ll play the domme. It would be a honor and, most definitely, a pleasure to play with you.)

Thanks to Robyn, she got me a reservation at the finest testaurant here..

Even has a huge aquarium in the middle.

I enter the restaurant wearing one of my finest, yet sexiest, dresses appropriate for such a place.

The maitrè de approaches me, “Ahh, Miss Joanna, so good to see you. I just received the reservation from Mistress Robyn Dominique. Welcome to our establishment.”

“Francois, so glad to see you as well. I heard that this is a highly recommended place. Also that there are some…perks as well. Such as an app that allows you to play with the mermaids. I would like that app, if you don’t mind.”
I hand Francois my cell phone, which he downloads the app to my phone. After he hands my phone back to me, Francois escorts me to my table, which happens to be next to the tank.

I see some movement. As I try to focus, I see two females with fishtails swimming in the tank. I look around before my waitress shows up.

On the table is a glass of ice water and a basket of bread with butter.

I peer into the tank to see who were the two females. Immediately, I recognized them…Maddie and Michelle Bubbles.

Oh, this is going to be so much fun….


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