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Reply To: Michelle on a date with Johanna (PVT)

Joanna Swift

Well, I got an invitation for a blind date by a girl named Michelle Bubbles. I chuckle at name, which sounds like a porn star. What the hell, she might be quite hot.

So I fix up my hair, put on my makeup, slip on a black, lacy thong and put on my dress. I check myself out to make sure everything’s perfect, which it is. I leave my place and head to my destination.

Once I enter the restaurant, I look around to find my date, when I see this blonde in a very sexy and provocative dress.

I walk up to her,

I approach the blonde, asking politely,

“Excuse me. Are you Michelle? Michelle Bubbles? I’m your blind date…Swift. Joanna Swift.”

No man, woman or she-male can resist me.
For I am Swift. Joanna Swift....Sexy, She-Male Switch.
Navy SEAL Captain (pre-transformation. Honorably discharged, latter reinstated with full rank and honors. Still holds it, though modified due to transformation)
Currently single

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