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What is expected?

Author: MelissaComplexity: Easy

Welcome to a Sissy Basics class. Today you are going to learn some basics on how to curtsey and when... and even why! If you expect to complete this class, you must not only read these lessons but practice them at home.  Please make sure you are wearing a dress or skirt while practicing these lessons (preferably with a petticoat [...]

How to perform a BASIC curtsey

Author: MelissaComplexity: Easy

Now it is time to learn HOW to curtsey.  Do NOT assume this is easy.  Pay attention.  Learning how to properly curtsey is one of the most important things a Sissy needs to know. Today we will be looking at how to perform a BASIC curtsey.  This is the default that you should do many times throughout the day.  These [...]

The Ballet Curtsey

Author: MelissaComplexity: Easy

A ballet curtsy - also known as a révérence - is an elegant curtsy performed at the end of a performance or class to show gratitude to the audience, the pianist, or the instructor.  This is the perfect curtsey to do after having performed any sort of dance, trick or formal performance.  It should also be used as a thank [...]

The Texas Dip

Author: MelissaComplexity: Easy

The "Texas dip" is an elaborate curtsy performed by debutantes from the state of Texas during the International Debutante Ball. It involves lowering yourself into a deep curtsy, then leaning forward until your head almost touches the floor, allowing your gown to balloon all around you.  This is an essential Sissy skill for when she is presented in front of [...]

The Maid Curtsey

Author: MelissaComplexity: Easy

This is the MOST important curtsey a Sissy should use because it is demanded when a Sissy is ORDERED to do something.  When a Sissy is given an order, no dominant wants to wait around for a Sissy to elegantly curtsey.  We want her to acknowledge the order and then scurry off as fast as she can.  As such, the [...]

Review: When should a Sissy curtsey?

Author: MelissaComplexity: Easy

      When should a Sissy Curtsey? When introduced... When excused from the room... When given a tip or reward... When released from a kiss... (do not break a kiss to curtsey) When corrected... When given a gift... When spoken to... When greeting someone new... When you obey a command... When you answer a question... When you apologize... When [...]

Final Exam

Author: MelissaComplexity: Easy

In order to pass this class you must be able to properly perform all curtseys, be practicing them daily and answer the following questions. WARNING:  You can NOT take this test more than once.  Make sure you are ready to answer these questions before you take the test.  The only way to retake this test is to EARN it from [...]


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