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Chapter 19 – Do NOT read this…

  1. poppy 2 months ago

    Too late. 😉

    Thank You Miss Melissa. I remember the original which was out of this world. But this is even better.


  2. Alison Anderson 2 months ago

    One of the easiest challenges for me ever. Having not read chapters 1-18, telling me not to read chapter 19 I feel like “Chad” (Pete Davidson from SNL) – “Eh, OK.”

  3. shychristine 2 months ago

    What is this shy Lissa act?!?! What’s going on here… I mean it was super hot… but you’ve written lots of stuff like this before.

    Only suggestion would have been to change the meal to steak instead o f chicken because then you could have had a subliminal steak and blowjob day reference. Every man’s (like me) favorite holiday!

  4. the Morrigan 2 months ago

    Are you BLUSHING?!!? That is so cute!

    Look, if we didn’t love your stuff, we wouldn’t read it. And yet, we all keep coming back for more. Be proud … VERY proud … of your ability to entice and excite with the written word. I know of very few authors who have your level of raw talent combined with storytelling skill.

    And please quit calling your erotica “dirty,” as if it’s something to be ashamed of! It’s a very rare author who can make both dominants AND submissives enjoy her work. Again, we LOVE your stories, or we wouldn’t read them!

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