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Chapter 15 – And another update

I hope all of you are surviving the world wide craziness.   As I said, I’m trying to release some reading material and taking the quarantine as an excuse to play here a little.  For those following along at home, catch up with Maidenhead.  Chapter 15 is posted and I’m trying to crank out a chapter a day all the way to (and past) the previously unreleased chapters.

I poked at wordpress today and I think I have favorites and subscriptions back.  They are not elegant and the theme seems to not be supporting them well, but at least they are back.  It may be time to look at changing themes (as the one we’re using has lost support).  Sigh… not today though.

I want to give everyone a heartfelt thank you for being part of this community.  It is so nice to return and find people playing with each other, supporting each other’s quirks and generally being amazing people. 

Love and little wet kisses to all of you.

  1. Alison Anderson 3 months ago

    I step forward timidly and curtsey. “P-P-Please Mistress, can we hold off on the wet kisses while quarantine is in effect? Not saying you have it, but social distancing and all …”

    As I curtsey and go to step back, a few girls look at me with their eyes begging. “And, uh, as a long time resident, I have been asked to represent some of the girls. If I may be so bold, while we are under this quarantine thingy, would you be so kind as to relent …” My voice squeaks up for the next 3 words. “… just a tad …” My voice returns to normal. “… on the length of our skirts? Every time I sit down on a chair, a table, or a ledge,, my bare cheeks are touching the surface. I don’t know who has been there before…”

    I curtsey again, unable to avoid exposing my cheeks to all behind me because of the tiny skirt, before stepping back towards the mass of girls.

    • Author
      Melissa 3 months ago

      I hear what you’re saying Alison and you are absolutely right. The girls here should limit sitting from now on so that they can keep wearing their cute skirts. *evil smirk*

  2. Jacqueline 3 months ago

    Great catch Alison. (as i smooth out my cute skirt)

    Thank you lots Melissa. We were all confident you would sound the bugle and charge in here to save us.

  3. kandijayne 3 months ago

    Personally I like wearing a short, cute skirt as I think I have quite a good pair of legs. And anyway – um – it’s a bit difficult sitting down at the moment, after my, my caning… (rubs bottom)
    Oh and Mistress Melissa, thank you for fixing the ‘favourites’ thingey!

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