Locked in Lace

Challenge: The next step

With more and more of us trapped at home, cut off from the world except for little snippets online… it is the perfect time for a distracting NEW challenge.

This week, do something feminine that you have never been able to do.  For some of you, it may be as simple as shaving your legs for the first time… painting your nails… plucking your eyebrows… for some of you, push that boundary just a little more this week.  Stay within (or just slightly beyond) your comfort zone.  Do not stress out your partners, family or friends… but use this isolation time to try something femininely new.

Once you do, post your experience here.  Tell us what you did, how it felt, and why it was a big step for you.  If you’re super brave, post a picture.  As always… be responsible… do not be embarrassed to post a simple small step because even a tiny step can be tough in high heels.  I look forward to reading your adventures.

(and if you want another dose of forced fem fiction, chapter 21 of maidenhead is up… the never-before-seen penultimate chapter… with the conclusion coming in the next day or so.  Enjoy!