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Challenge: The next step

With more and more of us trapped at home, cut off from the world except for little snippets online… it is the perfect time for a distracting NEW challenge.

This week, do something feminine that you have never been able to do.  For some of you, it may be as simple as shaving your legs for the first time… painting your nails… plucking your eyebrows… for some of you, push that boundary just a little more this week.  Stay within (or just slightly beyond) your comfort zone.  Do not stress out your partners, family or friends… but use this isolation time to try something femininely new.

Once you do, post your experience here.  Tell us what you did, how it felt, and why it was a big step for you.  If you’re super brave, post a picture.  As always… be responsible… do not be embarrassed to post a simple small step because even a tiny step can be tough in high heels.  I look forward to reading your adventures.

(and if you want another dose of forced fem fiction, chapter 21 of maidenhead is up… the never-before-seen penultimate chapter… with the conclusion coming in the next day or so.  Enjoy!

  1. Zoey 2 months ago

    Ever since the isolation there have been many small things I have been doing. Toenails have been constantly painted in bright colors, been shaving my legs weekly to keep them nice and smooth, with a amazing scented lotions daily to keep smelling feminine. I have even painted my fingernails. This one is particularly scary at times because of the rare occasional walk outside, as well as getting deliveries and grabbing them from the delivery person. It wouldn’t be difficult to see the dark blue nails on my hands.

    I always enjoy the feeling of being more feminine then I dare show to the world.

    My name is Zoey and I do what I am told.

  2. Shannon 2 months ago

    I’ve been on the fence for a very long time about purchasing silicone breast forms along with a pocket bra for when I go out – I’ve had a pair of Fredrick’s of Hollywood “cup enhancers” that I’ve used as forms for the last 20 years. I think it’s time I take the plunge and “go big.”
    When they arrive, I’ll post a picture of them.

    Thank you, @lissadaniels, for the nudge.

    Stay safe, all,
    ~ Shannon

  3. Alison Anderson 2 months ago

    As I mentioned in the previous post, I have worn only women’s clothing for the last 3 weeks. Except for one day wearing the same as the day before (a comfy floor length long sleeve high neck velvet dress), every day has been a different outfit. It’s getting a bit hard now to remember what I wore so I may end up repeating things, but if I kept track I’m sure I could go at least another 2 weeks without wearing the same skirt, top, or dress.

    A few months ago I purchased a pair of Pals breast forms. These are sleep safe because they are gel and not silicone in a bag. I have worn the forms most of the days and nights. The times I have to appear male, I’ll wear women’s jeans or leggings and a unisex looking women’s top.

    But it is difficult to say I’m doing much new. For the past 10 months or so, I have been taking walks outside in my neighborhood en femme. I have gone into supermarkets, Costco, Harmons, and the like en femme, all pretty close to my home. If I’m going alone I will still do it; if I’m going with my kids where I can be recognized by association I’ll go as a male. So doing it now isn’t much different. Just last week I ordered food from the local diner and Alison picked it up. I just had to remember to sign my initial and last name since the card isn’t in Alison’s name.

    The day I was told to work from home, I happened to take the day off (it was a Friday) but had my work computer for a quick meeting that day. Then the order came down that we were to work from home. My keyboard, mouse, power cord, backup drive, and HDMI cable (along with connectors and cables) were all in the office. On Sunday I went dressed into the office (with my electronic key card) to get what I needed, as well as turn off the monitors to my two computers (one of which was already at home). With an electronic key card, I can get in without being seen directly and get what was needed. As I’m heading down the hall towards the exit, another car pulls in to the lot. So I hid in a conference room until they entered the building. They turned another way so didn’t come past me. Normally I wouldn’t do this, but again it is the association that if it was someone I knew they might recognize me. After leaving I stopped at the supermarket for a few items.

    I’m planning to stay dressed as often as I can until the pandemic eases up, and when not dressed, wearing feminine clothing that people would have to take a good look at to realize it is women’s and not men’s.

  4. Invius 2 months ago

    I have been following this series from it’s original start on the old site and the latest chapter was certainly worth the wait. Still hoping it goes where I have been thinking it will based on the end of #20.

  5. shychristine 2 months ago

    I may a pair of false breasts glued to my chest and my fingers and toes painted for the entire duration of the Friday to Monday extra long weekend.

  6. Scarlett 1 month ago

    Its been a wonderful few weeks for me and I am proud of my progress:
    1) Bought 4 inch stripper heels
    2) Bought a cute school girl outfit and knee high pink socks.
    3) I learned how to do my own manicures and have let my nails grow out but only paint them with a clear high gloss base coat. I painted my little toes pink.
    4) I bought a clip on belly button ring
    5) I have been consistently working out and focusing my energy on legs and butt.
    6) I have been doing voice exercises to make my voice sound more feminine.

  7. Shannon 1 month ago

    As promised, I just clicked the order button for my new forms and I also bought 2 pocket bras – one in black and one in white. I’m so excited!

  8. Olive 1 month ago

    wearing bra and panties under my nightshirt removing my nightshirt when alone in the house. When able to leave the house (before the closedown) wore suspender belt nylons bra and panties under my male clothes

  9. CharlotteTV 1 month ago

    Make up has been an Achilles heel of mine ever since I slipped on my first pair of panties so I am taking every opportunity to practice that (so far its been at least once a day usually more) and I’ve also been working on my sissy walk, especially as I bought a bright pink pair of 6 inch stilettos just before lockdown which are quite a bit higher than my other heels. No broken bones so far 😉

  10. CharlotteTV 1 month ago

    Make up has continued to torment me, I can’t seem to find any eye make up that does make my eyes water like crazy and no matter how many guides I watch I just don’t seem to be able to get the hang of it. And then in the midst of my sissy gloom came a ray a hope! I’ve just found a dressing service near me, 20 minutes down the road near me! I can’t believe I didn’t know they were there all this time but I’ve already made contact and as soon as lockdown is lifted I will make an appointment for some make up lessons and also advice on what I should be wearing to look my best. Happy days 🙂

  11. Jan 1 month ago

    Fortunately,(or not) I an an essential service provider,so no time off for me. But I still have a paycheck. Have bought a couple of new outfits but nowhere to wear them. I will be SO glad to get back to nail salon or they grow out on their own.

  12. Shannon 1 month ago

    They’re here! I love them!! But I can’t figure out how to insert a picture here…….

  13. Galatea46 1 month ago

    I accidentally originally posted this to the wrong thread. I blame it on drugs…..

    It has been many years since I spent any time writing on this site. As time moves forward and I age, not so gracefully, I find that the freedom to indulge certain proclivities has been severely constrained. Maybe that is why, I started wearing only clothes made for and generally sold to women. Now, those that can be seen, are generally rather gender neutral, and even when my breast forms are inserted in my bra, I manage to go about my business without anyone noticing or caring. I even went out on a road trip with my spouse, my fingernails painted a bright red, stopping and eating in restaurants and such. It was deliciously nerve-wracking.

    However, I have been doing all that for years and years, before we ever heard of SARS-CoV-2. I am extremely well, but with the boredom of not being able to indulge any of my many proclivities (going to the movies, live theatre, and such like. I got back to doing some things I had not done in a while.

    I used to keep my body (except for my eyebrows and head hair) completely shaved (yes, pubes included), and had not done that in many years, so I shaved my legs, painted my toenails, slathered my Secret Clear Gel, Lavender scented, Deodorant on, as is my daily routine. Once cleansed and smooth. I put on one of my full body, crotchless body-stockings, tucked and secured myself, and then finished dressing in my usual daily wear.

    Yes, I have gone out dressed this way, and no one was the wiser. After doing this for well over 40 years, almost all anxiety and worry about what othrs might think has completely evaporated. However, I did more things at home for my own amusement. These included:

    1: Breaking out my Dermablend and other makeup and applying it to my face, but beyond that, I had already been doing some interesting things with a couple of phone apps to liberally feminize my appearance. My profile picture is one of those early attempts. What you see at the top of my page IS my face, manipulated and tweaked to remove a few years, change my hair colour, and apply some makeup. I have literally several dozen different versions, using different modifications. It can be a good deal of fun and given my warped grey cells can even become somewhat erotic at times. *giggle*

    2. dressing completely en femme on occasion.

    3. I have passed as female in chat rooms

    Okay, so I have a Facebook page as well, but that is registered to Galatea46 and on my page it shows the same picture as my profile here (only slightly better quality) and lists me as Richelle Haskell (Gal). I am registered as female, and I have tagged most everything as private, but still….

    It is funny the things that don’t matter much when you get to be my age. LOL

    SO that’s it. While I could say tons more, I will exercise some restraint. If I tweaked anyone’s curiosity, you can always send me a private message. Other than that, everyone should stay safe and well, and get used to some things, because this new virus has forever changed the day to day world and we basically did it to ourselves.

  14. Alice Liddoll 4 weeks ago

    I recently went out with both painted nails and painted lips, it was exhilarating and a little terrifying.

    My name is Alice and I do what I am told.

  15. Alice Liddoll 4 weeks ago

    It’s so nice to see other girls breaking new ground! Congratulations!

    My name is Alice and I do what I am told.

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