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Challenge: Sexiest Bunny Competition – 2020

Happy Easter everybody.  Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, I’m sure we can all agree that it is a very nice time to be together (even if it’s just in an online environment).  As such, I should inform you, of a few little diversions on the site.

First and foremost is the Sexiest Bunny Competition for 2020.  Click the link and upload your sexiest bunny fantasy to compete for the love and lust of your friends and enemies.  Judging happens at the end of May, so get your entry in!

In other news… the full MAY ISSUE of Mistress Monthly will be arriving in the mail soon and I will make sure those pages all end up on our Mistress Monthly archive page.  They’ve promised a new, updated and more sleek look, so I’m very excited to see what they’ve done with the magazine since I read it last.   

I should also… well… I’m hesitant to bring it up… but well…something has begun.  I’ll let all of you figure out what…  It’s both a throwback and something new… I hope it doesn’t end badly for those that find it… 

In any case, I hope everyone is doing well and surviving this crazy time.  I love you all and wish everyone a very happy Easter.

  1. sissy steffi kitten 3 months ago

    Happy Easter to all here on Locked in Lace

    sissy steffi

  2. Aurelia 3 months ago

    Happy Easter everyone!

  3. Michelle Bubbles 3 months ago

    Happy Easter to all! I will make my entry in the sexy bunny challenge asap! And also… What is coming?! What has begun?! Is Mistress saying we can already find it?!

    My name is Michelle Bubbles and I do what I am told

    • Author
      Melissa 3 months ago

      Yeah… but SHOULD you look for it is a better question.

      • Michelle Bubbles 3 months ago

        Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I can’t deal well with secrets… I’m guessing by the way you phraase it we may be NOT supposed to… Hmmm… which would mean some spanking probably… but what if it’s worth it?!

        In any case I don’t see how we can find it with nothing to go off of… maybe… if Mistress can spare a tiny little hint… that would ensure she would have a lot of naughty sissies to punish after, would it not? *innocent smile*

        My name is Michelle Bubbles and I do what I am told

        • Author
          Melissa 3 months ago

          a hint? But then you might find the group and start poking around…

          • Tifa Lunaria 3 months ago

            So it’s a group, then? Interesting…

  4. Jacqueline 3 months ago

    Happy Easter to everyone. Love you all.

  5. Shannon 3 months ago

    Hoping everyone can still feel close to loved ones you might normally see on Easter Sunday. Stay safe my friends…..

  6. Tina Kiscox 3 months ago

    So you’re saying we should not try searching certain keywords relating to old RP settings…? that I never had the chance to get involved in and would be left unsure what to do if I actually found them?
    Wait, why is there a protected post from last August in the search results, did I miss something fun? What happened last August?

  7. Bambic 3 months ago

    Happy Easter 🐇 ❤️

  8. Ou ou ou ou ou happy easter sissys gurls im a sissy gurl too happy easter everyone blush

  9. Jim L 3 months ago

    Been a while since I checked in, but Happy Easter all. Plus something about this quest reeks of familiarity…

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