Captions and Beautification

A few new additions added in today… yay!

Ren and I finished putting together the new Beautification Pamphlet.  You can find it here both as images and also as a downloadable PDF.  I think it turned out quite nicely and gives those playing in the role-play forums the next step of their journey.

I also want to take a second and talk about captions.  As those of you who were on the last iteration of the site know, we used to have a captions section where people could post their own captioned images.  It has been asked about a lot over the last couple of days and I want to talk all of you through the new system.

In order to post captions, you can simply go to your own ‘activity’ page and add ‘Media’.  This lets you post captions on your own ‘page’ and allows people to comment and react to them.  In an effort to help locate and coordinate captors… I’m pleased to announce the addition of another moderator:  @FeliciaWood .  She will be focused on helping to moderate captions and to make sure we stay within the proper code of conduct of this site.  PLEASE REMEMBER:  Images uploaded need to be erotic but not explicit.  Erotica and not porn.  This is very important so that we do not violate the terms of our hosting agreement.

If you would like to be recognized as a caption maker, I recommend you join the group The Digital Girls Club.  This is where you can list yourself as a captioner and share your latest work.  Who knows there could also be contests and competitions.

I do suggest that if you are posting captions, please make them and don’t just repost other people’s work.  In the past I have been contacted by creators very frustrated that there work is posted without permission by users at this site.  This discourages creators from creating content that you enjoy, so please be respectful.


  1. Estelle 11 months ago

    Wonderfull program !

  2. anni 9 months ago

    love it

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