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    OH my  Miss Jamie  seems  to really  going  full in her new role as  Maids  Deputy  Head Maid   . YIKES  thats  must  sting  for shore   poor  Jane, and i can clearly   see  Stacey starts to get some  slight  concerns  as well as she should  poor girl

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    She refused to relent and I forgot to count them. This just gets worse and worse. She hits me a further three times, each more painful than the last. Leaving my ass red.

    Sobbing I say ‘4 slaps miss’

    I gulp.

    ‘May I please have another?’

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    Just before I deliver the first spank she turns to me, a tear rolling down her cheek and her eyes silently begging me to spare her. My heart melts at the sight. I wish I could spare her and all the other girls this painful reality of life here! But I know I’ll be doing her no favours in avoiding this lesson. If she hesitates in front of a client…[Read more]

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    Oh my! Miss Jaimie seems to be enjoying herself a bit too much for my liking. But, we obviously have to put up with this punishment and poor Jane is getting the worst of it. And having to ask for another after a slap, how humiliating is that? Worse, I know Miss Jaimie will be making me top through the same shaming performance in a minute.

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    Katerin joined the group Group logo 14 minutes ago

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    She asks me to ‘assume the punishment position’. She instructs me what to do, and with a tear rolling down my cheek, I bend over, pull up my skirt and pull down my panties. Exposing my bum to her.

    She instructs me in what to say. It’s an awful degrading thing to say and promises me it’ll get worse if I dont say it. Forcing me to comply. I turn to…[Read more]

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