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Work continues on stabilizing and improving our new home here.  I did manage to get some of our old stuff out of the cupboard and uploaded, so if you’re a fan of the magazines that Ren and I did over the last few years, those are now in the Mistress Monthly tab.  I also added a couple of my older stories…

Drinking Games

Drinking Games

And it’s sequel…

Video Games

Video Games

A reformatted and edited version of the first three months of Ren’s Chastity series is coming soon… as well as a re-edited and extended version of a very old story of mine called ‘Playing the Part’.

The Office will return soon in a redone engine with a few new surprises.

As will Maidenhead, the EXTREMELY long novel I have teased and released all but the end of… (sounds like me, doesn’t it?)

So stay tuned, little lasses… lots of fun forced fem fiction coming your ways in the near future.

  1. rayelynn 11 months ago

    Still exploring the site. As a new member , who was sent here through the Sissy Academy, i am excited about the site. The site is very well done and know it must be quite a task to maintain. Thank You

  2. Author
    Melissa 11 months ago

    Thanks for joining us Rayelynn. Happy exploring!

  3. Jim L 11 months ago

    Definitely looking forward to seeing what over 5 years of advances can bring to ‘The Office’. I’m sure I’m not alone in the fact that I was drawn here by that initial ‘teaser’ oh so long ago.

    I’m also guessing that’s its presence on the home page means that the Isle may be close to opening its ports for business?

  4. Jessica 11 months ago

    I love that header image for drinking games. *giggle*

    I remember playing the part, I think it was the second story I had ever read for your fiction, If I recall I enjoyed it quite a bit. Though, I always returned to the Games series and poor brains fate.

    I’m not sure if I found ever branching path for the interactive story, but I think I had to be close with as many times I replayed it! So, Looking forward to finding a few surprises in there! ^_^

    I’m going to have to catch up on some reading it seems.

  5. Felicia Wood 11 months ago

    New surprises in The Office? I can’t wait – that was what hooked me to Locked in Lace in the first place!

  6. Satin Summer 11 months ago

    I can’t believe how much time you have put in creating this site. I am so grateful and in your debt.

  7. Fantasia 11 months ago

    Very glad you are back, and likely, better than before… is chat on the horizon perhaps?

  8. Donnagirl 11 months ago

    Hi. I am brand new to the site. Just starting to explore my way around. The site is very well done and I think I will be enjoying all my time here. I love the mistress monthly magazine cover.
    Thanks for what looks like a great site

  9. Bonnie Lea 11 months ago

    So happy to see that LIL is back again. I had been a member for quite a few years and missed it. I am looking forward to more games and discussions and finding new friends again.

    Bonnie Lea

    • Donnagirl 11 months ago

      Hi I am still new to the site and so far I am really enjoying the mistress monthly magazines. You can’t believe how excited they make me. This sissy goes almost brainless as I read them. It is exciting to see what a mistress may have in mind for me. This little sissy is always leaking while reading Mistress Monthly. Thankyou

  10. Bobby 10 months ago

    I just joined so I’m still exploring.

  11. Cowboy 92886 10 months ago

    Ok, brand new. I have no idea of what to expect. i like the attitude, of the site. There has been many hours of thought and what would it take to make the “perfect” site.
    This is impressive.

  12. Shelley Roses 10 months ago

    OMG , I am wearing women’s clothes in public.

  13. Lotusblossom 10 months ago

    This sissy is still trying to pass the lipstick course

  14. Betsydewer 9 months ago

    I need some assistance

  15. sissy steffi 8 months ago

    I am ready for the next course and really really ready for the Maidenhead ending, I just know it will be a happy ending 🙂

  16. Jaquiline2 8 months ago

    Love to become the gurl I know that I am.

  17. SheSissifiedMe 7 months ago

    I would like to submit a story of how I became a Sissy Cocksucker. Can I do this here? If so, how do I submit it? Thank you. Great site!!

  18. snorn 7 months ago

    How is the Office progressing? I would love to play it if it’s back?

  19. donjr 5 months ago

    i am a new student,and want to get involved.

  20. lucy_in_pink 5 months ago

    Is ‘Swimming in the Office Pool’ still around? Or anything similar?

  21. Sisy Lexi Accinelli 5 months ago

    where is the first exam that the academy wants us to take? i cant find it.

  22. VikiCD 3 months ago

    hello all, is there a head mistress i must report to?

  23. Khloe 3 months ago

    I’m ready to begin

  24. Silvija sissy 1 month ago

    Ja sam nova studentica i želim se uključiti.

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