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The afternoon sun bathed the gardens that surrounded St Odette’s. Groups of students sat or lay on the lawns, chatting happily as they basked in its warm glow, enjoying the one day of the week in which they were left to their own devices.

As the light filtered through the leaves of one particular tree, however, it fell on a young man who was clearly in a very different frame of mind. Paul sat with his back to the trunk, hugging his knees to his chest, his face a picture of misery.

Just four days ago – four days! – he had been at a college many miles distant, looking forward to the fruits of what he still thought of as an innocent prank. Yet he and his friend Dan’s decision to plant a camera in the girls’ showers had touched off a chain of events that had led him to this … absolute hell.

In the past few days he had lost his body hair, had control devices fitted to his wrist and genitals, and received agonising demonstrations of what those devices could do. He had been forced to wear a schoolgirl’s uniform that made him look ridiculous, and to dance with and kiss another guy. Then he had been chained up, silenced and raped, both anally and orally. He would never, he was sure, forget the indignity of being forced to hold still while his mouth was used to bring a man to orgasm – and then to swallow what felt like a gallon of spunk.

Yet that was not the worst of it. He had been a passive victim in each of those instances, falling foul of the mania of this school and its staff to humiliate and break him, to take away his very masculinity. But what had happened two days ago, on his first morning in class – that had been his doing …

It had started when he went into the classroom, to find half of the students there – the Rose group – dressed in the kind of uniform he had always found unbearably enticing. Most of them looked like the kind of drag act you might find at a football club’s “talent” show – and about as attractive. But there were a couple who wore their blouse, plaid skirt, white stockings and heels with a grace and sexiness that took his breath away – and caused what would have been an erection to throb in his pants, if the inhibitor on his cock would only have allowed.

Then Dan had come in – and if he didn’t have the body or the ease of movement to match the best of his classmates, his gorgeous, painted face was another matter. And when Miss Pettis arranged matters so that Dan knelt in front of Paul, stroking and licking a member now freed of its electronic restraint, Paul had abandoned himself to lust. He had fucked Dan’s mouth as hard as he could, entranced by the sight of those juicy red lips wrapped around his meat, until he came in one long, continuous spurt.

And then the shame really began, Bad enough that he was forced to lick his own jizm off Dan’s face. But worse that he had found Dan – his own friend! – so irresistible. And he simply could not free himself of the memory. For most of the last two nights he had been tormented by visions of Dan in his make-up and uniform. Wracked by an arousal that he could not satisfy, he had scarcely slept a wink.

It was not, he told himself, as if he’d ever thought of his friend – or any other male! – in anything like that way before. So why now? He could try and rationalise that it wasn’t Dan that attracted him, but Danielle, his feminine alter ego. But in truth, he could not divorce one from the other. He wanted his friend with a passion that both excited and appalled him.

A shadow fell over Paul and he glanced up to see three elegant schoolgirls in white blouses, black pinafore dresses, black hose and heels. With a thrill, he realised that one of them was Dan. As his gaze travelled up to take in his friend’s alluring features, he again felt a frustrated longing course through his body. He simply could not bear it. Climbing to his feet, he had to steel himself to walk away, not break into a run.

When the gloom of evening finally drove him inside, he was relieved to find that he would be dining, as usual, only with the Lilac group. Not that he could entirely escape the sight of beautiful schoolgirls, not with Stacy and a couple of her friends around. But he carefully chose a seat from which he could not see them.

One of his classmates, a young man with whom he had previously exchanged a few words, leaned across the table. “Are you OK, Paul?”

“No Chris”, replied Paul, “I’m not OK. Not OK at all.” He saw the obvious concern in the other’s face and added: “Look, I’ve just arrived, is all. I’m still not over the shock of … just being here, let alone what we have to put up with. I’ll get used to it. It seems you guys have.”

“Well, not so much”, Chris responded, still frowning. “I mean some have, but most of us – we maybe hide it a bit better than we did the first few days, but …”

A spectacularly pretty serving maid arrived to clear some dishes. As she did so, she made a point of leaning right over to reveal that she was not wearing a bra. Paul had a clear view of her pert breasts, while Chris was treated to the sight of her flimsy skirt lifting to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any panties either. She winked at them both.

After she left, they turned to look at one another and the tight expression on each other’s face told its own story. Then Chris grinned. “See what I mean?” Paul smiled back – perhaps the first time he done so in several days. “Oh yeah – trust me!”

Chris paused to butter a piece of bread. “Look, you’ve just got to keep on keeping on. Don’t give in to … whatever they’re trying to do to us.” Paul nodded. There was really nothing more to say.

He was about to head off for the dorm when a movement caught his eye. He looked round and groaned inwardly. Natalie, the powerfully-built guard he had encountered on his first day at the school, was striding purposefully towards him. For the last few days she had seemed to shadow him, sometimes passing little mocking comments, on other occasions just staring at him in a disconcerting way. She had been promising “fun and games”. Now, it seemed, the moment had arrived.

“OK lover boy, time you and I had a few things out. This way.” He knew by now not to stop and argue. “Yes ma’am”, he muttered, following her out of the door. She led him to a small but well-equipped gym. Nobody was around. Throwing a bag down next to a large blue mat in the middle of the floor, the guard instructed him to remove his clothes. Reluctantly, he did so, pausing only when he got down to his underpants.

Natalie grinned. “Those too lover’, she said, taking her cap off and shaking out her long red curls. Paul complied and stood defiantly on the mat, making no attempt to cover himself up.

“Hmmm, still got some spirit left I see”, remarked the guard, prowling around him and reaching out to gently caress his naked bottom. “So, I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re here. Well, I haven’t forgotten our little rough and tumble on your first day – and I thought round two might be in order.

“So what we’re gonna do is play my version of strip poker. Except we don’t play cards – we wrestle. I take it you’ve wrestled before?” Paul nodded. “Good. We’ll see if you can make that weight advantage count this time. Every time you get a fall or a submission, I take a piece of clothing off. And if I end up naked, I tap my little button, you get hard and you can take me any way you want. Whether you want to come … is up to you.”

Right, Paul thought. If I shoot my load, some other guy gets to do the same thing to me. No thanks! His brow furrowed as a further thought occurred.

“But I’m already naked. So what happens if you win a bout … ma’am?”

“Do you know, I’m so glad you asked.” She poked at the bag with the toe of her black leather boot. “You don’t strip … you get dressed – in whatever I want to see you wear. You get dressed as the sissy you must be if you’re losing to a girl.” Now her face showed a malicious glee. She clearly had something … funny in mind, Paul thought grimly. Funny to her anyway.

But there was no time for further thought. She was already moving forward, beckoning him to get ready. He came down into a crouch. As she advanced she struggled to get her balance as the high heels on her boots sank into the blue mat. Paul saw his chance and pounced … and realised, just a split second later, that she had been faking. Stepping smartly aside, she planted a foot and used his own momentum to swing him over her leg and onto his back. “One to me”, she crowed.

Reaching into the bag, she drew out a pair of black lace panties and threw them to him. Reluctantly, he put them on. “OK panty-boy, see if you can get lucky this time”, she jeered. Paul refused to take the bait and was more cautious this time, not coming to grips until he was sure he had a firm footing. But even so, she surprised him with a quick move that once again saw him flat on his back. That brought him a pair of fishnet tights.

Natalie looked at his stockinged legs, clearly unimpressed. “I’ve seen sexier legs on a table … What you need, Paulette, is some heels to make those muscular calves of yours a little more shapely. Why, that’s a coincidence, I just happen to have some in my bag!”

And sixty seconds later, after another quick move had brought him undone, she was tossing him a pair of high-heeled pumps. And at that point the contest – if it ever had been one – was over. Paul could scarcely stand on the heels on level ground, let alone on the plastic mat. Three further quick falls brought him a padded bra, a corset (which Natalie cinched painfully tight, almost cutting off his breathing), and finally a black one-piece, teddy that the guard fastened under his crotch. It was only when Paul say the round furry tail at the back that he realised what it was.

“That’s right Paulette, you’re a Playboy bunny! How cool is that, sissy? And look, it has a couple of special messages for anyone who sees you in it. See here, on the front – ‘Feel my funbags!’. And there on that naughty sissy bottom of yours, ‘Spank me!” Well, you should be so lucky …”

Again, she advanced on him, but this time when she threw him to the ground she followed through and ended up sitting on his chest, her powerful thighs clamped tight around his head. Paul was already having difficulty drawing breath because of the corset, and now his head swam as she squeezed. “So Paulette, you really are a sissy slut, aren’t you? Well, aren’t you? Let me hear you say it …”

She eased the pressure and he fought to get up, but he could scarcely breathe, let alone find the strength to throw her off. “Say it!”, she said threateningly, glancing meaningfully at her control bracelet.

“I’m a .. sissy slut”, he croaked. “Louder!” she ordered. “I’m a sissy slut!”, he called out, wheezing with the effort.

“Yes you are”, said Natalie. “And right now, all that action has got me nice and wet, and I think I’m going to need that sissy tongue of yours, Paulette.” She hiked up her skirt, pulled her panties to one side and lowered herself down onto his face …

Some while later, Paul was walking slowly back to the dorm. As he passed a couple of maids returning to their quarters, they burst into giggles. At Natalie’s insistence, he was still wearing his costume, which she had completed with a pair of bunny ears. He heard the maids move off down the corridor, then stop. A whispered conversation followed, then a voice rang out: “Hey, bunnikins!”

He turned, and forced himself to remain calm. “Yes ma’am?”, he answered. One of the maids dissolved in fits of laughter. The other called to him imperiously. “So, bunny wants a spanking, does she? Well, you just bring that lovely bottom here and we’ll see what we can do!”

As Paul trudged back up the corridor, he gritted his teeth and made a vow. They would not break him, no matter what indignities they heaped on him. He would survive.


As the sound of boys preparing for the morning classes echoed through the dorm, Emily peered into the mirror and inspected her handiwork. Just a little more, she thought, and brought up the lipstick again. She smacked her lips together and ran her tongue over them, savouring the now-familiar taste. Glancing down, she checked that the shade she had chosen went with the pink skirt that was part of today’s uniform.

As she looked back at her reflection, it occurred to her that while this may not have been how she looked when she arrived at St Odette’s, it had become her … real face. Increasingly, she thought of herself as Emily, the well-dressed and beautifully made up schoolgirl – not the gawky young man who stared back at her three days each week.

In truth, she was beginning to find it difficult to remember too clearly how it felt to be … just Emile. He had been a college kid who got into trouble by hanging around with, well, the wrong type of guys. After a particularly unsavoury incident that involved the assault of two young women, he had been expelled as part of the group, even though he had played only a minimal role. His wealthy parents had reacted by sending him here.

Emily had been no more comfortable than anyone else with the school’s routines at the beginning, but that had changed fairly quickly. Much to her surprise – for there was nothing in her previous life to explain it – she discovered that she liked wearing makeup and girls’ uniforms. And where many of the sex activities forced on the students revolted her classmates, such as being taught to suck rubber cocks or insert dildos in each other, she actually began to enjoy them. Not, perhaps, with the enthusiasm of her friend Chelsea, but she certainly did not mind being forced to play in that way.

The strange thing was that as her appetite for such things increased, she found it easier to cope with being aroused. She was as horny as anyone else – how could she not be, with so many gorgeous women on the staff? – but where others found the sensation of blocked erections unbearable, hers had become less difficult to endure. The arousal was still there, and it could be distracting, but it … tingled rather than itched. And as the weeks went on, there were the physical changes, as her body became noticeably more feminine. Reflexively, she cupped her hands over her still-developing breasts, marveling at how they felt under her blouse.

She heard a squeal of exasperation and turned to see Chelsea scolding Danielle for not following her instructions for applying eye shadow. Chelsea was trying to teach the new girl how to put on makeup, and the lesson was not going well, it seemed.

Emily smiled to herself. Danielle – now there was a puzzle. Right from the first day, when she had walked uncertainly into the classroom, Emily had been attracted to her. Nothing too surprising in that, of course. Emile had always fancied girls, and the gradual transformation into Emily had made no difference to that liking for the fairer sex. She thought both Chelsea and Stacy were incredibly hot and was never unhappy about being forced into erotic episodes with them, even by the despicable Carla.

What she did not have, however, was even the faintest interest in their alter egos, Charles and Stasi. Oh, if pushed, she would confess to developing a certain … fondness for Lou and some of the other guys that was not quite the same as her old male friendships. But that was surely just a reflection of the strange relations that this place forced on its students, with its unsettling insistence on swapping genders every other day.

But with Dan, it was different. The physical and emotional attraction she had felt for Danielle had not lessened one whit when the make-up and uniform came off. When she had gone into the Relief Room on Saturday night, and given him a blowjob to help him get aroused, she did not have to pretend to enjoy it. Taking his cock into her mouth had seemed both natural and incredibly exciting, and she wanted more …

A hand touched her arm, startling her out of her reverie. She turned to see that it was Danielle herself. She looked at the new girl quizzically.

“Emily”, said Danielle, keeping her voice down to avoid being overheard. “I wanted to ask you about what happened last night. Just before the Domina burst in, I mean, when you ….”

Emily did not need to ask what she was referring to. Emily herself had thought of little else since they had got back to the dorm and recovered from the drug Carla had given them. The now disgraced maid had thought it … entertaining to have Chelsea fucking Emily with a strap-on dildo, while Emily did the same to Danielle. Carla had switched off Danielle’s inhibitor without asking permission, a breach of the school’s rules that now had her in serious trouble. She had not done the same for Emily – and yet Emily had evidently experienced some type of … reaction to her anal penetration …

“Was it the same thing that happened to Chelsea in class the other day, with Miss Pettis?”, asked Danielle. Emily glanced at Chelsea, who was listening in. Chelsea gave a slight nod.

“Yes, we think so”, replied Emily. “We talked about it, and described what we each felt and … they seemed the same.”

“So look, did you actually have … an orgasm?”

“Um … yes. That’s what it felt like, for sure. It had to be, that sense of build-up, then release. But it was … completely different to the, ah, usual feeling. You know.” Emily blushed. “Because I wasn’t hard, and nothing came out of my thingie.” Then she giggled. “But it sure felt good!”

“But how do you get to do that? I mean, where do get the, uh, apparatus?”, pressed Danielle.

“I don’t know – and nor does Chelsea. And before you ask, it hasn’t happened to either of us before. So I don’t know what to tell you.”

Danielle frowned in thought and then said: “Listen, I have an idea. How about we go and talk to the nurse? She seems very nice – and she told me some stuff about this place she clearly wasn’t supposed to. Maybe she’ll do it again.”

“OK”, said Emily. “We’ll try after classes finish.” Satisfied, Danielle turned away. Grabbing Chelsea’s arm, she grinned at her classmate. “Well, now you’ve taught me to how to put on makeup, you can give me another lesson in walking in these damn heels!” Laughing, the two of them headed for the door. “Coming Em?” called Chelsea. “We don’t want to be late!”

“There in a minute”, answered Emily. She was pondering that maybe some secrets were better left undisturbed. She had not, for instance, breathed a word to Danielle about her private chat with the Domina, two nights before. The woman who ran the school with a rod of iron had instructed her to ensure that Dan spent the following day as Danielle. If Dan resisted, Emily was simply to drop the word “makeover” into the conversation. Emily had, and the effect on Dan had been immediate. All resistance to being transformed into Danielle had vanished.

The upshot had been one of Emily’s most enjoyable days at the school. She, Chelsea and Danielle had effectively had a girls’ day out – or at least as much of a day out as the school’s confines would allow. And even the episode with Carla had not, on this occasion, caused her any problem. Being required to be part of a threesome with her beautiful friends was not exactly a punishment! And that feeling as Chelsea had taken her from behind … She shivered at the recollection.

Nevertheless, the implications of the way she had persuaded Dan did not escape her. It had to be some form of hypnosis, right? And if Dan had somehow been primed to be receptive to that single word, what else might they be doing – not just to him, but to everyone, her included?

She shook her head. There was no point worrying about it. Time to be in class, she thought and hurried off. She got there just in time. Miss Pettis had clearly just walked in to the classroom. The teacher glanced at the clock and shook her head. “Emily – so glad you could join us. Half a minute later and I would have had to give you a good spanking.”

She smiled, as if struck by some pleasant thought. “In fact, I think you’re late enough to get a spanking anyway. Can’t have anyone suggesting that I show favouritism. Over my desk, please.”

Emily cursed inwardly, but knew better than to show dissent. “Yes ma’am”, she said, dutifully walking to the desk and leaning forward over it. She lifted her pink skirt. She felt the teacher pull down her cotton panties and then gently caress her. “Hmmm, such a lovely bottom. A shame to spoil it – but so it goes.”

Miss Pettis brought her hand down heavily. Emily winced, but did not cry out. Nor did she make a sound as the spanking continued, though the pain steadily increased. The teacher was certainly not holding back. After about 20 blows, she stopped. Emily made to rise, but the teacher held her down.

“Not so fast, dear. I think to bring this lesson home, we should make it more … inclusive. Class, form a line!”

Emily heard chairs scraping back as the students hurried to comply. She knew what was coming. This is so unfair, she thought bitterly, but knew it would folly to protest.

“Right, everyone, three good spanks each. And be warned, if anyone holds back, they’ll be up here themselves, facing double the punishment. Lucy, you can lead off.”

As each student came up in turn, they delivered the required punishment. Some were relatively gentle, though none dared to be too half-hearted. A few spanked her at least as hard as Miss Pettis, though with her face down into the desk she was unable to see who they were. Towards the end, she could not help mewing with the pain of the slaps. After what seemed an eternity, she was allowed to walk stiffly back to her chair, tears streaking her face.

As she eased her abused bottom onto the seat, she groaned again. There was no point in asking if she could go and put some cream on it, or even just stand up. She had all too vivid a recollection of what Miss Pettis had done when another student had made a similar request earlier in the term. The teacher had simply resumed the spanking and then made the student sit down anyway.

Doing her best to ignore the discomfort, she fought to pay attention to what Miss Pettis was saying. No point getting in further trouble, she thought.

“Now”, the teacher was saying, “you are just a couple of weeks away from the end of your first term here at St Odette’s. We will be finalising our assessments of your progress, including by putting you through a few special tests. At the end of the term, some of you will be leaving the school.” She paused. “A very select few”, she added. An audible sigh of disappointment rippled around the room.

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that”, she said coldly. “Some others will be invited to join … a special class. The rest will be staying with me. So I advise you to tread carefully – very carefully indeed.

“However, we do have a couple of special cases to consider – our new pupils who have joined us very recently, although they seem to have made a remarkable impression already. Danielle, Paul, on your feet please.” The two got up slowly. Emily could see that each was wondering what might be in store for them.

“The Domina and I have been reviewing your situation. You are clearly very close indeed – as I believe you demonstrated in the Relief Room the other night.” Emily could see a blush spread slowly over Danielle’s cheeks, despite all the powder she was wearing.

“So, we’ve decided to give you the chance to decide whether you want to swap groups for the remainder of the term.” She went to both Paul and Danielle in turn, handing them each a slip of paper. “But just to make it interesting, you get to make your respective decisions independently of one another. So you’ll just have to guess what the other might want or decide!”

The teacher clapped her hands. “Right, sit down and write your preferred group on the paper I’ve given you. You have a minute to make a decision. And no conferring.”

Emily saw Danielle look unbelievingly at the paper in front of her. Then she glanced round at Emily with something like a look of supplication on her pretty face. What on earth is she going to decide? wondered Emily. I don’t want to lose her – or Dan, not just when we’re making friends!

As the second-hand ticked toward the end of the appointed minute, she waited to see if her fears would be confirmed …

In Chapter 9, the first term comes to an end at St Odette’s. The students are tested, and for some there will be important choices to make …

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Cover art needed!

To anyone who's enjoying this series (or even if you're not!), I wonder if you could help me out. I'm looking for some cover art that would suit the series, preferably something drawn rather than photographed. If anyone has any good ideas, could you please PM me?


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Interesting to see a couple of perspectives we usually don't get with this. I found Emily's part more interesting than Paul's, maybe because I'm more familiar with what Emily's been doing at this point since she's been around Dan/Danielle.

I'm hoping Paul asks to be in the other group and Dan/Danielle asks to stay. And what, oh what, will the tests be?

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Amazing chapter! I like how you went through so many different perspectives! Can't wait to see the decision that is made!

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great storie and possible idea for cover art

I love the story and the relationships hat are evolving. There are so many possible things that could happen.

For the cover I can vision Paul, as a boy, standing on one side of Dan, who is dressed as half boy half girl, and Emily on the other side, dressed as a girl. Both Paul and Emily can see both sides of Dan but have question marks about which side of him they want.

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Cover art

Try It has a great deal of digital artwork, some of which is copyright and some you are able to use if you contact the artist and attribute it.

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i love the story so well

i love the story so well written, i haven`t been able to stop going from chapter to chapter. my clit is finally settling down.

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Such Clever Working of Ideas and Characters

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Do any of us have free will? Do any of the girls at St Odette's have any chance of free will?

I just wished I was Danielle! (squeals of delight!!)

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Annie Hathaway
bff with shelley. wow! <3 XOXO

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Yes another great chapter and I too would love to experience it for real

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Thank you Mandi, this is such

Thank you Mandi, this is such a great story. I'm reading it as fast as I can, but I don't want it to end!

Hugs & kisses

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Nobody can force feminise me! I'm a volunteer

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A sensual writer with a series that continues to it.

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