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Dan gritted his teeth and slipped inside. He found it surprisingly easy – but then, someone had been here before him. A voice inside his head was saying ‘No! This is wrong!’ But it was a path he had chosen to take. Reaching forward to grasp Paul’s hips, he began to thrust in and out …


It had been no real choice at all. It never was at St Odette’s – or at least, not for him, it seemed. The Domina’s ultimatum was clear. Either go down to the Relief Room and fuck his friend – a friend who was chained in place, dressed as a schoolgirl and silenced by a silver collar around his neck – or watch a much larger group of silent, lust-filled attendants have their way with the young man.

Horrified, he offered to take Paul’s place: “Let me go in there ma’am, they can do me instead of him. He shouldn’t be punished this way!”

The Domina raised an eyebrow in amusement. “You’d do that for him, would you? Interesting … But no. I’ve given you your choice. You can spare him – if you and Emile here take care of him next.”

Dan turned to the classmate who had been brought up with him to the Domina’s office. “Emile? I’m so sorry, I don’t know why you’ve been dragged into this … and I don’t know how can I ask you to, to …”

The dark-haired boy put his hand up, and softly touched Dan’s lips. “Shhh”, he said softly. “Don’t worry, if you want to do this, I’ll be there to help.” He smiled wanly. “But you are going to owe me such a favour!”

He turned to the Domina. “I think Dan has made his decision, ma’am. We go down there. Isn’t that right Dan?”, he asked. Dan nodded disconsolately.

“Very well”, said the Domina. She reached for her intercom and barked some quick instructions. “Dan, you go down in the lift and wait at the bottom. I just want a quick word with Emile here.”

Dan shot Emile a puzzled glance, but complied. When he stepped out of the lift, he found a guard waiting for him. She motioned him to stay where he was. A few minutes later, Emile stepped out of the lift.

“What was that about?”, Dan inquired with a frown. Emile shook his head nervously. “Nothing I can talk about, I’m afraid. But nothing to do with … this.”

They were already being hustled along a corridor, and a prod from the guard made it clear they were to refrain from talking. A few minutes later, they were walking past the line of attendants they had seen on the screen in the Domina’s office, and being ushered into the Relief Room.

As they entered, the Domina’s voice sounded from a speaker above them on the wall. “Ah Paulette, you have new guests. Do introduce yourselves … gentlemen.” As Paul’s head jerked up in response to the sudden sound, Dan’s heart sank. He’d been hoping that with Paul blindfolded, perhaps they could have done this without him knowing the identity of his latest assailants. But the Domina had forestalled any such move.

“Paul”, Dan said tentatively, “it’s me, Dan. And …” – he had been about to say “Emily”, but corrected himself – “Emile, one of my classmates.” He moved towards his chained friend, thinking that he could at least take the blindfold off. But the guard who had entered with them, evidently guessing his intent, stepped forward and held up her hand. “He stays as he is, understand?”, she growled.

“OK ma’am”, Dan said in a placating tone, “I just want to talk to him, OK?” She moved aside and he walked round in front of Paul, whose head was questing to find him.

“Listen Paul”, said Dan softly, “I’m so sorry about this. We’ve been sent in here …” He was on the verge of spinning some line about being forced to do this, but a peculiar impulse to tell the truth stopped him. For reasons he couldn’t explain, it was important that he be honest with his friend.

“I was given the choice of letting you be … raped by all those attendants.” He gestured towards the door. “You can’t see, but they’re lined up out there! Or come in here with Emile and …” His voice and composure broke. “Paul, we have to … do it instead. Just once and then she’ll let you go.”

“That’s right, my little damsel in distress.” The Domina’s voice rang out. “Your knight in shining armour is here to rescue you – couldn’t get there quickly enough in fact. But oh – what’s that he’s doing with his sword? Surely he can’t put it there, can he?” Her laughter sounded through the room. Dan glanced at Paul’s face, which still bore vestiges of the attendant’s semen. His mouth was twisted in despair.

“Enough of this chit-chat”, ordered .the Domina. “Get your clothes off and get on with it, or we proceed with … the other option.”

Dan glanced helplessly at Emile, who was already starting to disrobe. “How … how are we going to do this?” he said in a halting whisper. Emile smiled grimly. “Don’t worry, you take … the back end, so you don’t have to look into his face. Plus you’re smaller than me. And don’t worry, I’ll be gentle with him.”

As Emile said this, he shrugged off his shirt. Dan stared. It was the first time he had seen his classmate naked, and now there could be no doubt about it. Emile had small but quite perceptible breasts on his hairless chest. Yet as he pulled down his pants, there could also be no doubt about the maleness of his genitals.

Noticing the direction of Dan’s shocked gaze, Emile smiled shyly. “I’ll tell you another time, OK? Now, what are we going to do about that?” He pointed to Dan’s cock, which hung limply as it was freed from his y-fronts. “Can’t do much with that, can we?” Emile sank to his knees. “Bring it over here and I’ll … take care of it. OK?”

Dan stared again, hesitated, then took a couple of halting steps forward. Emile smiled up at him and said “Now close your eyes. And it might be easier if you imagine this is, well, Emily doing this …”

Dan did as we was told, then gasped as lips closed around his member. He surged erect, the blood flooding up into the glans as Emile (no – Emily! he told himself) ran his/her tongue over it. The mouth wrapped around him began to move up and down, and he let out a low moan. He heard an answering moan and opened his eyes. Emile had his fist around his own hard cock, pumping furiously as he fellated Dan. The sight spurred Dan on and he began to push hard into his classmate’s soft, wet mouth.

As Dan increased his pace, his breath came in ragged gulps. He felt his balls tighten as he prepared to come. But sensing that too, Emile pulled away. Face flushed, and hair askew. he grimaced at Dan. “Not in here”, he said, “in there” – and gestured towards Paul.

Gasping with frustrated desire, Dan didn’t hesitate. A few quick steps took him over to his friend’s rear. Fighting down his inner objections, he slid his engorged member into Paul’s already cum-greased hole. It took only a few thrusts. He came long and hard, buried deep inside the warm passage. For a moment he held there, unable to credit what had just happened.

Then he became aware that Paul’s body was moving against him. He looked up to see Emile ploughing into Paul’s mouth, and he felt Paul recoil as the other boy’s orgasm splashed down his throat. Dan quickly pulled out. Something made him look down, between Paul’s legs. His friend’s member hung limp and lifeless. There had been no pleasure for him in this, just humiliation. Dan felt his stomach turn.

The Domina’s mocking voice came through the speaker. “Well. wasn’t that a performance? I got quite turned on watching you lusty boys have so much fun. But it seems Paulette isn’t quite the slut I’d hoped for … Still, no matter, I am sure we can find other uses for her.”

She tutted. “Very naughty of you Emile, to arrange matters so that Dan had so little time inside his friend. Still, full marks for initiative! Now, off to your dorm, both of you. You can leave Paulette, she’ll be cleaned up and released.”

As Dan trudged back to his sleeping quarters, he couldn’t meet Emile’s eye. What is wrong with me? he berated himself. I’m not gay, so how come I got so turned on in there? Then it occurred to him that it could have been a lot worse, for both him and Paul – though he doubted Paul would see it that way, he reflected gloomily.

He spoke, without looking at his classmate. “Look … thanks. A lot. I don’t mean for, you know … I mean thanks for helping out.”

Emile reached over and touched his arm fleetingly. “Don’t mention it. But you still owe me that favour.”

As they reached the dorm, Dan wondered what he might have let himself in for. But he kept the thought to himself as he drained his vitamin drink and collapsed on his bunk.


He was to find out what his classmate had in mind sooner than he thought. He woke the following morning to the sound of animated voices. As he headed for the shower, he realised this was Sunday – the only free day for the pupils at St Odettes. He lingered in the showers, hoping the warm water would somehow wash away the shame of last night. Last out, he trudged back to his locker.

“There you are slowcoach, what’s kept you?” He turned to see Emily and Chelsea grinning at him. And there could be no doubt this was Emily and Chelsea – not Emile and Charles. They had put on make-up and their hair was tied back – Emily’s once again in a ponytail, Chelsea’s blond tresses arranged in neat pigtails. And both wore matching black lace bras and panties. Chelsea, Dan couldn’t help noticing, filled out her bra even more than Emily did.

“So, what’s with the, uh –?” He gestured vaguely. “What?” said Chelsea, puzzled. “Um, well, you’re dressed as girls ...” , continued Dan, uncomfortably.

“So?” answered Emily. “It’s Sunday. Free choice of clothes. And we like dressing this way, better than that horrid grey uniform the boys have to wear.”

“But you’re a ...” Dan started, then thought better of it. “Anyway, what do you want with me?”

“Well”, said Emily brightly, we’ve come to help you get dressed. Come on, you can make a start with these.” She reached into his locker, rummaged around, and produced a bra and a panty set that matched her own. “Then you’ll want these.” A further set of clothes were tossed on his bunk, including a black pinafore dress.

“What?” Dan spluttered. “I’m ... I’m not wearing girl’s clothes! It’s free choice – you said. And I’m a boy, thank you very much!”

“Ah”, countered his classmate, ‘but you’ve forgotten that you owe me a favour. And Chelsea and I have decided we’d like to spend some time today with Danielle, if that’s OK with you. And we’re so looking forward to giving you a makeover!”

Dan opened his mouth to protest, but something about the way she had said “makeover” made the words die in his throat. He shook his head, not to say no, but to clear it. And it seemed to him that maybe it wasn’t such a big deal. After all, he had to be dressed and made up as a girl every other schoolday here. So no harm in doing it today, right?. And he did owe her that favour ...

“Oh, all right, if you must”, he said, and was rewarded with a warm hug from Emily. Chelsea clapped her hands in delight. “We get to play with Danielle, hooray!”

“So what am I wearing?” asked Dan. “Well”, said Chelsea, “I guess being new you haven’t seen it yet, but out of all the uniforms we have to wear here, this is my favourite. And we’ll all be wearing it – just like three sisters!”

After Dan had stepped into the panties and struggled to hook up his bra – filled out, once again, by the gel breast forms – he donned a white short-sleeved blouse and a striped tie. The black pinafore dress went over these and was cinched by a narrow belt. To complete the outfit, he put on sheer, black stockings. As he rolled them up his legs, he marvelled again at the sensual way they slid over his smooth skin. He had been here three days now, and there was no sign at all of his hair growing back. Must be something in the soap they were given to use, he guessed.

As he pressed his feet into the ubiquitous high-heeled shoes and stood up, his calves reminded him of the unfamiliar muscles he would have to use to walk in them. “OK, time for make-up”, said Emily, happily. She and Chelsea had returned, wearing similar outfits. They really did look pretty, he thought – and winced as a phantom erection sent frustrated tingles through his body. Outside the Relief Room, the inhibitor on his cock ring was once again at work, restraining any possibility of a physical reaction.

For a good twenty minutes the two girls worked away at him, skilfully transforming his features. and teasing his hair into a good imitation of a pageboy bob. “Let’s find a full-length mirror”, said Emily with a squeal of delight. There was one in the dorm, and as they stood in front of it Dan caught his breath. Three elegant and sexy schoolgirls looked back at him. “Aren’t we the hotties?!!”, crowed Chelsea. Dan could only nod in agreement – they were!

“OK”, said Emily, “breakfast – I’m starving!” And she skipped away happily, heels clacking, beckoning the others to follow.

Dan spent the day in a kind of pleasant haze. Chelsea and Emily were lively company, chattering away about various aspects of life at St Odette’s – or at least, what they regarded as the better aspects – and speculating about what they would do when they graduated.

They seemed to take it for granted that they would be gone by the end of the year, and that they would not be returning to anything like their former lives. Dan was not quite sure about what those lives had involved – neither girl seemed inclined to dwell on their past, or reveal what had brought them here. But it was obvious that when they walked out of the school, they saw themselves in skirts, not trousers.

They spent part of the time in the Library, looking through some of the old women’s magazines that represented one of the few opportunities for light reading there, and giggling to one another about some of the outdated styles and fashions they found.

But since it was a warm and pleasant day outside, they also wandered around the large garden that adjoined their part of the school. Despite the high walls that blocked them from going too far around the building, and the signs warning of the consequences if they strayed too far towards the inviting countryside beyond, the grounds were green and pleasant, and bordered with well-tended and colourful flowerbeds.

As they strolled along a path that meandered around the outside of the garden, Dan felt relaxed and comfortable for the first time in days. On either side of him, holding one arm and occasionally steadying him as he lost balance on his heels, Emily and Chelsea gossiped away about the boys in their class. Dan let their conversation wash over him, and listened to the birdsong in the trees.

Most of their classmates were also outside. A few, like them, wore girls’ uniforms and tended to cluster together in giggling groups. Dan noticed Stacy, the pretty Lilac girl he had danced with the day before in glass. She waved at him and he grinned and blew her a kiss. She looked simply stunning in a gingham dress, the same one he had seen Chelsea and Emily wearing in the film taken in Carla’s room.

Oddly enough, neither the recollection of what his classmates had been doing in that film, nor the sight of Stacy in her sexy garb, nor even the feel of the warm bodies nestled against him, caused him any sense of arousal. He must be well and truly relaxed, he thought. It occurred to him that the chemicals that Melanie had told him about would have no effect out here in the open. Whatever the reason though, it was a relief not to be feeling so horny and frustrated.

As they walked past a group of grey-clad boys sitting on the grass, one of them gave a wolf-whistle. Chelsea giggled and lifted her dress to give them a flash of her panties and stocking tops, which prompted a further round of appreciative calls.

Dan could only blush – though a part of him wondered why he didn’t feel more uncomfortable about parading around, dressed and made up as he was. He put the thought out of his mind. Time to solve that mystery later. For now, he would just enjoy the experience for what it was.

As the day wore on, only one incident cast an unhappy shadow. The trio came across a forlorn figure sitting under a tree. As he looked up, they saw it was Paul. He stared at Dan for a moment, taking in the pinafore dress, stockings and heels. Then he stood up abruptly and hurried away, his face hidden.

Dan made to go after him, but Emily laid a restraining hand on his arm. “Best to leave him alone right now”, she breathed. Chelsea launched into a funny story about a recent incident in the classroom, and Dan let the matter rest.

By the time they came in for dinner, Dan had to admit that it had been a very enjoyable day in the two girls’ company. In fact he found it hard to say how the hours had passed so quickly. Besides their various promenades in the garden, they had spent some time doing embroidery, with the girls showing Dan how to do some basic stitches and laughing at his clumsiness.

As they sat at the table, sipping juice from a jug that had been left for them by one of the serving maids, Dan finally plucked up the courage to ask Chelsea and Emily about the changes to their bodies. They told him that they had first noticed that something was different about a month into the school year – and it was not just their incipient breasts. Their hips had also broadened somewhat, they realised, while their facial features too had softened.

“We’re not sure”, said Chelsea, idly playing with one of her pigtails, “but we reckon it must be those vitamins they’re feeding us.”

“But hang on”, said Dan, looking concerned, “I’m taking that stuff too!”

“Well, yes, but so’s everyone else in the class. And the ... changes are not happening to everyone, are they?”

Dan had to admit this was true. He was about to say as much, when a shadow fell across the table. It was the redheaded guard that he had met on his first day at the school, the one who had taken such a shine to Paul. “All right you three, on your feet and follow me.” They stood up obediently and trooped behind her out of the dining hall and through the building.

The guard stopped at a door and knocked. As it opened, she said “Three packages for you, as ordered.”

“Thanks Natalie, you’re a treasure. Inside girls – quick smart.” Carla wore a broad grin as she held the door wide for them to enter. “Well now, three little girls from school. One is fun, two is a riot – but three is just divine!” The maid smirked at their slightly strained expressions. “Enjoy your juice, did we? Now, where shall we begin ... I know, how about a little striptease?”

She set up a camera to film them, put on some music and ordered them to begin dancing. The three of them complied, gyrating to the beat and grinding their bodies against the furniture, and each other. At Carla’s command, they slipped out of their pinafore dresses and then began removing their other clothes, all the while still dancing. Soon enough they were all down to just stockings and heels.

Carla inspected Chelsea with interest. “My, how you’ve ... grown since I last had you in here! Danielle, Emily, I think you should get a closer look at those lovely hooters your classmate is developing. In fact I think you should taste them ...”

Helpless to resist, Dan and Emily moved to Chelsea. Each ran a tongue over one of her nipples, which came erect under their eager mouths. All three were flushed now, and not just from the exertion of the dancing. Carla too was on heat. The lacy robe she wore was open, and her hand was inside her black satin panties.

“That”, she said, “is the most gorgeous sight. But I think we can do better.” She went to a cupboard, and pulled out two large, strapon dildos. “Put them on”, she commanded, tossing them to Chelsea and Emily. After they had tied them in place, she forced Dan to take each of the rubber cocks in turn in his mouth, laughing as he gagged. Then she positioned the three of them in line, with Emily behind Dan, and Chelsea at the rear.

“OK, let’s make a chain, shall we?” At her instruction, Dan spread his legs and hunched forward. An entirely involuntary cry spilt from his mouth as he felt the head of Emily’s artificial cock press against his anus, stretch it, then push all the way in. He felt like he was going to split – and yet the main sensation was not pain, just discomfort. He felt another jolt as Chelsea penetrated Emily in the same way. The three of them were now pressed together, with Emily the meat in the sandwich.

“Now”, said Carla contentedly, “let’s see some action ...” Carefully, and following the rhythm she gave them, Chelsea and Emily began to thrust in unison. Dan could scarcely make sense of the sensations coursing through his body as the big phallus slid in and out of his hole and pressed hard against his prostate gland. His own cock hung limp, swinging gently from side to side as Emily smacked into his rear.

Carla frowned. “I know I shouldn’t do this, but there’s something missing in this scene. Ah, that’s better.” She had tapped a button on her bracelet, and as she did so, Dan came erect. She reached forward and squeezed it hard. Again, a moan escaped his mouth. “I wonder Danielle, can you come just from what she’s doing to you? Let’s find out!”

She watched intently as the three-way scene proceeded. Dan’s member was rock-hard as his rectal passage was pounded, but he could do nothing to touch it or stimulate it in any way. For her part, however, Emily seemed to be breathing more and more intensely as Chelsea plunged into her. All of a sudden she shuddered and let out a moan of pure pleasure, losing the rhythm of her thrusting as she did so.

“What?” said Carla. She looked at her bracelet, mystified, then moved forward to inspect Emily. “But I didn’t do anything to your–”

The door burst open. In strode the Domina, accompanied by two guards. “You!” she barked at the three students. “Get dressed and get back to your dorm. Now!” Silently, they moved to comply. As Dan found his panties, he struggled to pull them over his still-hard cock. The Domina muttered a curse, then tapped a button that deflated his erection. She swung round to Carla, who was staring at her with a fearful expression.

“And you!”, snarled the Domina. “You’ve been warned about breaking the rules. Well, that’s your last bit of misbehaviour here. Guards – take her to the cell. She can ruminate overnight on what her punishment is going to be.”

As the classmates finished dressing and obediently began the walk back to their dorm, still not saying a word, they could hear Carla’s cries and pleas for mercy as she was dragged away behind them ...

In Chapter 8 we find out more about Paul’s experiences at the school – and he and Dan must make an important decision about their future there.

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Some feedback

For starters, I want more. This is one of the most engaging stories like this that I've ever read. I'm very involved in what's going on with Dan/Danielle (I think it's fair to say that at this point). Looking forward to seeing more, especially how things are going from Paul/Paulette's perspective.

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As you slip into your en femme mode your whole brain changes to embrace it and to live up to the expectations - even without a powerful cocktail of hormones. For Danielle she is undergoing an even more profound change than just her clothes. She is becoming so pretty and does not seem to be finding the metamorphoses unnatural to the real "she".

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