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Dan picked moodily at his food, ignoring the chatter around him. His second full day at St Odette’s had been tiring – and hanging over his head was still the prospect of watching his friend Paul be punished, in something called the Relief Room, It was scheduled for some time this evening.

Dan still didn’t know exactly what was to happen to Paul, but there was no way it was going to be good. And what made it worse was that Paul was being punished for Dan’s own failure – for his inability to bring Paul to orgasm any quicker, when forced to suck him off in front of the class; and for being unable to swallow Paul’s load.

Dan shivered. In an effort not to think about that terrible episode, or what was to come, he replayed the day’s strange events in his mind.

It had begun with him waking up feeling feverish and sick. He tried to eat breakfast, but after a couple of mouthfuls ran to the bathroom and threw up. One of the maids sent him off to see Melanie in the sick bay.

“Hmmm”, the pretty blonde nurse said after examining him. “I was afraid that might happen.” She went over to a refrigerator and pulled out a vial of serum.

“Whenever we start someone on our vitamin course – you know, the stuff you took last night? – there’s always a chance of a reaction to one of the ingredients. It’s no real problem, we’ll just adjust the mix.

“And for right now, well, this should make you feel just fine.” She instructed him to bend over and injected a shot of the serum into his butt. The injection hurt, but Dan could almost feel the fever and nausea receding.

“OK, guess we’d better check that hasn’t done anything bad to your equipment.” She tapped a button on her control bracelet, grinned at him and said “Oh my, did I drop something?”

She turned around and made a show of bending over slowly to pick something up from the floor. Her short white skirt rode up to give Dan a view of her long, fishnet-clad legs, her deliciously pert bottom – and, since she was wearing no panties, her naked quim. She slid a hand slowly up one leg, then delicately slid a finger into her crack.

Straightening up, she turned round to inspect the effect. Dan’s pants were still round his ankles, leaving nothing to stop his erect cock from jutting out in front of him.

“Guess that answers that question!”, said the nurse happily. She reached over and wrapped her fingers around his shaft. “Like me to take care of that for you hon?” she asked coquettishly, looking straight into his eyes. “There’s something you can do for me too …”

She took his hand and slowly inserted it into her mouth, sucking his fingers. then guided it to her pussy.

Dan’s breath was suddenly constricted. “Er, that would be lovely ma’am. Only … I understand I, er, have to, uh …”

“Every time you come, you have to return the favour to someone else here – someone with a dick. That’s the rule” said Melanie in a singsong voice.. She was gently wanking him. “What’s up, afraid of a little man-jiuce?”

She looked at his expression, then sighed and stopped what she was doing. “Guess I’m forgetting you’re new here. Still, you’ll get used to it.”

Get used it? No way, thought Dan. But he kept the thought to himself. Instead, he asked “Excuse me ma’am, but could you do something about –?” He gestured to his hard-on.

“Oh, sure”, she said, tapping her bracelet again and watching his erection deflate. “And you don’t need to worry about having to bring me off. I know a lot of the staff here get their kicks from getting the students to do stuff that only makes them frustrated … but I’m not one of them. Mutual pleasure, that’s what I’m into.”

She gave him a cheeky smile, softly caressed his cheek and added: “Now of course if you’ve got a friend with whom you can handle a threesome …?”

Dan swallowed hard. The inhibitor might be keeping his cock under control, but it couldn’t prevent a surge of frustrated lust coursing through him. Why did she have to be so sexy?!!

“Thank you ma’am, I’ll think about it.” He pulled up his pants and, trying to get himself under control, asked “Er, do you mind if I ask you something?”

She raised an amused eyebrow. “Sure, what is it?”

“It’s just that I can’t figure out why I’m so horny all the time! I’ve always been into girls and, um, well the staff here are very attractive, but still …”

Her expression became serious. She looked around, as if to see if anyone was watching, and leaned closer. Lowering her voice she said: “Look, we’re not supposed to talk about this, but you seem very sweet and you’re having to adjust in a hurry, so …

“The thing is, you don’t know about all the ways we’re controlling you. I can’t tell you everything, but one method involves pumping a chemical into the air that makes you hornier and releases the inhibitions. Works on us staff too, I might say! Plus those fancy cock rings don’t just make your erections come and go. If they detect any arousal, they send little impulses to amplify it – which you feel even if you can’t get hard.

“So what we’re doing is making it real difficult to keep your sexual reactions under control. You have to work real hard to stay soft … so to speak!” She burst out laughing at her unfortunate choice of words.

“Now, you look like you’re better, so back off to class young man.”

By the time Dan reached his classroom, the morning lesson on lesbian poetry was well advanced. As he sat down, the boy next to him leaned over and asked “Feeling better?” He gave a puzzled glance, wondering why someone he didn’t know was talking to him – then did a double take just as Miss Pettis called out sharply “Quiet Emile!”

It was Emily – in drab grey boys’ clothing, dark hair now falling loosely and untidily, and with no make-up. She looked very different to the undeniably sexy schoolgirl he had met yesterday. Or rather, he looked different. And yet .. there was something very feminine in the way Emile held himself. And Dan could still swear that, even under the shapeless jumper, two distinct mounds could be seen. He wondered if he could find the nerve to ask Emile about that …

“I’m fine”, he whispered, when the teacher turned away, A sudden thought made him glance across the room. There were the Lilacs, resplendent in today’s uniform. It featured a light blue short-sleeved blouse with a striped blue and lilac tie, an elegant pleated skirt in a darker blue, long white socks and black shoes with (for once) fairly modest heels.

And there – oh God! – was Paul. Some of the Lilacs, Paul saw, were like Emily and Chelsea – they took readily to the girls’ uniform and make-up, to the point where they could be mistaken for girls. But Paul was not one of them.

He sat there slumped in his chair, looking exactly like what he was – a muscular young man who had been forced into drag against his will. Whoever had made him up had done so with a very hand, and what should have been an elegant outfit sat shapelessly on his heavy frame. There was nothing remotely attractive about him, and he looked thoroughly miserable.

Unfortunately for Paul – or Paulette, as Miss Pettis insisted on calling him – the day only got worse as it progressed. The class was forced to pair up, Lilacs with Roses, for a lesson in ballroom dancing. Needless to say, the Lilacs were expected to take the female part and follow their partners’ leads.

Miss Pettis opted (somewhat maliciously, Dan thought) to pair Paul with the only Rose his size. This was Al, the hulking student that had been pointed out to Dan last night. He and Paul had terrible trouble as they attempted to twirl across the floor, and it was all their classmates could do to keep a straight face.

The final humiliation came when the teacher announced that each pair should give each other a ‘kiss goodnight’. In what Dan was rapidly recognizing as true St Odette’s fashion, this involved a no-holds barred exchange of tongues. Miss Pettis brought Paul and Al out front to demonstrate, and the two big young men were forced to pash one another. When they were allowed to break from their embrace, both walked (or in Paul’s case tottered) away wiping their mouths in disgust.

Dan himself fared rather better, being paired with a quite stunning looking Lilac called Stacy. Clearly of Greek descent she – again Dan had no hesitation in using the female pronoun – had olive skin and fine, chiseled features that were beautifully complemented by her make-up. She was also a graceful mover.

As the two of them locked lips at the end of the dance, Dan had to make a conscious effort to remind himself that this was a man he was kissing – and to suppress the arousal he felt as he pressed against her warm body. As they moved apart, she smirked, fully aware it seemed of the effect she had had on him.

Dan had to admit it, as he prodded the food on his dinner plate – that kiss was a highlight of the day, no question …

He looked around the table. Emile and Charles (or Chelsea, as he had been known the day before) were chatting in a desultory fashion. It had become clear during the day that, if anything, the two of them were less comfortable in their boys’ uniforms. A lot of their vivaciousness had disappeared with the skirts, stockings and make-up.

In stark contrast, most of their Rose colleagues were more animated than they had been the day before – though there was still a strong undercurrent of unease. Nobody, it was clear, would ever feel fully safe or in control at this institution. To highlight that point, members of staff – generally guards or maids – came in periodically to drag favourite victims away for some sexual encounter or another.

Dan himself was worried about a return visit from Carla, the maid who had put him through such a torrid and demeaning session the night before. He was just about to ask whether anyone had seen her, when a guard he had not seen before approached his table.

“You”, said the guard, looking straight at Dan. “With me – the Domina wants to see you. You too sweetheart.” She jerked a finger at Emile, who looked surprised. “Me ma’am? But–”

“No buts" said the guard heavily. Like the other guards she was tall and strong, and wore the standard grey uniform and thigh-high leather boots. “Come on.”

The two of them were hustled away and in no time were stepping out of the lift into the Domina’s office.

“Ah, just in time”, said the woman who ran St Odette’s as they entered. As with the previous time Dan had seen her, just two days’ earlier (though it felt like two years!), she wore all black and projected an air of cool authority.

She gestured to a couch. “Sit there and watch the big screen. I have something very special to show you.”

She pressed a button and a panel rolled back to reveal a large screen. It showed a small square room, bare of furnishings except for some hooks on the wall and a low couch in the middle. What looked like chains hung down from the ceiling.

As Dan and Emile watched, a figure was led in to the room by a guard. With a shock, Dan realized it was Paul, still in his schoolgirl’s uniform.

Paul was forced to climb up on the couch, then get down on his hands and knees. His wrists and ankles were attached to cuffs that were fixed to the side of the couch. The guard then reached up and pulled down two of the chains from the celing. These were lightly looped around Paul’s neck, passed through the wrist and ankle restraints, and then fastened to the wall.

When she was finished, Paul was completely trussed in position on the couch – and an attempt to move too far in any direction would likely choke him. As a final exercise, the guard placed a blindfold over his eyes.

The Domina pressed another button and spoke into what was obviously an intercom. From the way Paul jerked his head in response, it was clear that he could hear her voice.

“Well Paulette, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, you’re in the Relief Room. But what you don’t know yet is what happens here. So let me enlighten you.” As she said this, a door opened and two dark-clad figures entered.

“As you know, we employ a number of male attendants here at the school, though they’re kept out of sight of the students most of the time. They are under the same controls you are – or more so, as they are not permitted to speak. We keep them in a state of almost perpetual sexual frustration, but unlike you they are not usually permitted any encounters with our female staff.”

The Domina smiled thinly, as the two figures began to disrobe. Paul’s head moved slightly as he tried to work out what was happening around him. “Their only outlet for all that tension is this room. No inhibitors function here – either on them, or indeed anyone else who we put in there for them to play with.” The two attendants peeled off their pants and began to stroke their cocks, which quickly grew to rampant erections.

“And guess who their plaything is tonight, Paulette? That’s right dear, it’s you!” The Domina paused to let the now visibly shaking young man take this in, then added sharply “You may begin.”

Paul flinched as he felt one of the attendants peel down his white cotton panties and force his legs a little further apart. He tried to turn his head, but the chains hampered him. He found his voice. “What the fuck are you doing! Leave my butt alone! You can’t–”

He was interrupted by the Domina. “Guard – silence him.” The guard came back into shot, carrying what looked like a thin silver collar that she snapped round Paul’s neck. His cries instantly cut off.

“Now Paulette, you’re not too bright are you? We can silence you any time we like. Now, let me give you some advice. The two men currently in the room are going to have their way with you – and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. If you struggle, you’ll just get badly hurt – and you’ll be back in there tomorrow tonight.

“If, on the other hand, you play nice, you may just get them to come a whole lot quicker. So it’s really up to you …”

As she said this, the first attendant spat on Paul’s exposed anus, then on his own cock, which (to the partial relief of the watching Dan) did not seem too much bigger than average. But as he manoeuvred it inside his victim’s obviously very tight passage, it was obvious that Paul did not share that relief.

Paul in any event had something else to worry about. The other attendant had stepped round in front of him and was busy feeding his dick into Paul’s lipstick-covered mouth. Dan winced at the thought that Paul might retaliate with his teeth – goodness alone knows what they would do with him if that happened …

But Paul seemed to have sense enough not to risk further punishment. He held his mouth open as the attendant began to thrust in and out, though he made no move to suck or do anything else to participate.

Dan watched, horrified, as the two attendants plunged in and out of Paul’s orifices. After what seemed to him an eternity, but was probably only a few minutes, the one at Pau’s rear opened his mouth in a soundless gasp and arched his back as he climaxed. A minute later, the other attendant was shooting was seemed to be a torrent of spunk into Paul’s mouth.

As the two men wiped their cocks and then casually began to put their clothes back on, the Domina turned to Dan. “Enjoy the show? No? Well, there’s plenty more to come – so to speak!”

She tapped on the screen on her desk, and the view on the wall shifted to reveal a line of attendants waiting outside what was presumably the door to the Relief Room.

“Now, here’s the thing. I can let all those men take their turn with your friend – or you can help him out.”

Dan couldn’t restrain himself. “Oh please ma’am, anything – I’ll do anything to help him, it’s not fair he should be punished like that when it was all my fault …” He stopped as a wicked smile creased her face.

“You know, I thought you might say that … So the deal is this. You can stay here and watch Paulette get fucked senseless by a line of very horny attendants. Or … you go in there and do the job yourself.”

A pit opened in his stomach. Here it was again – the impossible choice. “You mean …”

“I mean, you go down there and fill one of Paulette’s holes with your dick and come inside her – and you take young Emile here, with whom you seem to be so friendly, to do the same. And if you both do that, then Paulette is released – and I promise she won’t be invited back to the Relief Room for the rest of this term.

“So what’s it to be Dan, how much are you prepared to, ah, put in for your friend?”

Dan stared at her, wordlessly …

In Chapter Seven, Dan confronts the outcome of this latest terrible choice – and starts to get a better idea of where these choices may be taking him.

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Great Story Mandi! Very

Great Story Mandi! Very scandalous too! That's a crazy tough decision you decided to give Dan! I feel bad for him. I LOVE THIS STORY! Please write Chapter 7 soon!

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Loved it. Keep up the good

Loved it. Keep up the good work.

Your storytelling and pacing is phenomenal. And I'm glad you're not shoving things straight to the end like so many stories would be tempted to. There are already changes going on with Dan and Paul, even if they might deny it.

Story Rating: 
Loved it


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Misstress Mandi, i don`t know what is happening to me right now but my clit has never been this hard or big, thank You so much.

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Well something like that - from "Pulp Fiction"

These boys are coming along nicely. Soon they'll just be sweet lovely things like the rest of us here!

So nice for them!

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Annie Hathaway
bff with shelley. wow! <3 XOXO

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This is so FIN HOT!!!!!!

I would take his/her place

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I'm sooo wet!

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Nobody can force feminise me! I'm a volunteer

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Great plot twist!! Looking forward to reading the next chapter.

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Hot....ready to read the next chapter!

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