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Dan stared helplessly at Miss Pettis. The teacher returned the look without blinking, a half-smile on her face, as she waited to see how he would choose.

He could say no, and subject Paul to unspeakable pain. Or he could perform a sex act on his friend – an act that revolted him, even if the make-up and clothing he wore might suggest someone who had done this many times before. And even if that look on Paul’s face had seemed to want him to do it.

He sighed. It was really no choice, when all was said and done. He reached for the zipper on Paul’s shorts ...

Paul’s hand snaked down and grabbed his arm. As Dan looked up, his friend spoke to him in a voice hoarse with strain. “Dan, you can’t! I won’t let you–” He fell silent as Paul gave him a tremulous smile.

“Don’t be silly Paul, I can’t see you hurt – not again, not because of me. Look, if it helps, keep this in your head. It’s not Dan doing this. It’s Danielle – a sexy schoolgirl wearing just the kind of uniform you’ve always found so exciting.”

As he said this, he gently stroked the front of Paul’s shorts, and felt his friend’s already semi-erect member throb under his touch. That’s what I need to think to get through this, he thought. This is Danielle giving a blowjob, not me.

Suddenly determined, and somehow more confident, he pushed Paul’s hand away and tugged down the zip. He reached inside and, after a brief battle with Paul’s Y-fronts – evidently the pupils here were still allowed to dress fully as boys on alternate days – he drew out his friend’s large and rapidly hardening cock.

Miss Pettis clapped her hands with delight and called out to the class: “OK everyone, ten minutes start now.” There was a flurry of activity as most of her students began masturbating, entranced by the scene playing out on the platform.

Dan paid them no heed. All his attention was on the huge organ that filled his vision. “What would Danielle do?”, he thought. Suddenly knowing the answer, he wrapped his fingers of one hand around the shaft and began to slide the foreskin up and down over the glans. The other hand went to Paul’s ball-sac and gently cupped it in his palm. Paul gave a groan of pleasure.

Slowly, hesitantly, Dan moved his mouth towards the purple helmet that had emerged. He reached his tongue out, as he had seen girls do in porn videos, and gently licked the tip. His face creased at the sharp taste, but he was too far gone now to stop. He ran his tongue a few times up and down the length of the shaft, and then opened his mouth wide. Bringing his painted red lips together, he slid them down the cock, pushing it into his mouth.

He could not believe how big it was! Even with his mouth stretched wider than he would have imagined, he could not get it all in. Half-choking, he began to move his head up and down. He was only dimly aware of his own cock becoming hard.

With his mouth so full, and his jaw aching, he found it difficult to get into any sort of rhythm. But gradually, he began to get the hang of it – and Paul responded. He began to thrust forward into Dan’s wet mouth and his breathing quickened. Reaching his hand around, he grabbed the back of Dan’s head, pushing it against his engorged member.

After a while, and to his astonishment, Dan realized that he was using his free hand to pump his own dick. He was about to release it, when something made him glance past Paul. The schoolroom was full of frantically jerking students, some of them already cumming into their palms or onto their desks.

He saw Emily rocking back on her chair, stockinged legs splayed and her skirt up around her waist. She stared straight into his eyes and licked her lips slowly and sensually. Dan felt a surge of lust for the beautiful schoolboy/girl and the thought struck him like a hammer – it was Emily’s cock Danielle wanted in her mouth, not Paul’s!

As he watched, a jet of spunk erupted from her pumping fist. With a groan muffled by the organ being thrust into his mouth, Dan came as well. Distracted, he completely lost the rhythm of his cocksucking, causing Paul to moan in frustration. Slowly, however, Dan recovered his timing, pushing his gaping mouth forward to meet Paul’s increasingly frantic thrusts, and ignoring the cum dripping from his now shrinking member.

Without warning, Paul’s dick spasmed and hot gobs of spunk splashed into Dan’s mouth. As they hit the back of his throat he choked, and instinctively jerked his head back. But Paul’s hand still held him, and the rest of the spray covered his face. He swallowed convulsively, but the salty, musky taste of his friend’s cum lingered in his mouth and on his lips. He slumped back, sitting on his heels, too spent even to reach up and wipe the gooey mess from his face.

“Well now”, he heard Miss Pettis say, “that was quite a show. Hard to believe you’ve never done that before, Danielle!” That’s right, thought Dan muzzily, it was Danielle who had sucked Paul off, Danielle who was covered in cum.

The teacher had turned to the class. “OK, fun’s over for the week. Anyone who hasn’t already done so has 30 seconds to lick up and swallow their own juices – or there will be trouble.” There was a groan round the room, but the students nonetheless complied, in some case bending down to apply their tongues to the desktop in front of them. Some could barely contain their disgust. “Yes Chelsea, what is it?”

The tall blonde who had been mercilessly skewered by her teacher as a prelude to Dan and Paul’s performance had her hand in the air. “Please ma’am, what’s to be done about Danielle’s mess? Or should I say, messes?” There were a few chuckles around the room and Paul’s face burned with embarrassment.

“Well”, said the teacher, “since it was Paul’s aim that was off” – more sniggers – “I think he should clean up Danielle’s face, don’t you?”

Paul was crouched down on the floor, his back to everyone. Miss Pettis leant down and pulled him to a standing position. “Come on Paul, get that tongue out and put it to work, like a good slut.”

Paul roared with rage and shaped to strike her, But she was too quick – a swift tap on her bracelet and he was on the floor screaming with pain,. “Now, that was silly, wasn’t it”, she said coldly. “Let’s try again, shall we?” This time he made no move to resist as the teacher dragged him over to Dan and forced him to undertake his humiliating task.

Dan closed his eyes and tried to will himself elsewhere as Paul worked his mouth and tongue over his friend’s face. Soon enough the job was done and Paul was sent back to his seat, still clutching his aching groin.

“So”, said the teacher, “I was going to ignore the fact that Danielle did not complete her task exactly as requested. After all, she took ten and half minutes and didn’t swallow it all – though I must say she tried very hard with that pretty mouth of hers, and she will certainly have points. But I can’t be lenient now, can I, not after that little incident.”

She glared at Paul. “You can spend an hour tomorrow evening in the Relief Room – in uniform, naturally.” He looked back at her uncomprehendingly. “Don’t know what the Relief Room is? Well, you’ll find out soon enough. But not from any of your new classmates.” She looked meaningfully around the room. “If anyone breathes a word to Paul about it beforehand, they will be in deep trouble – and you know we can monitor your conversations.

“As for you Danielle” – she swung back to Dan – “you will be watching and learning. No explanations for you either, mind. Now go and sit down.”

As Dan trudged back to his place, all passion spent and once again sick to the stomach with worry and embarrassment, Miss Pettis looked at the pool of cum he had left on the platform. “Chelsea!” she barked. “You seemed to be worried about this mess. Up here now and clean it up with that naughty tongue of yours.”

As the blonde passed him on her way to the stage, Dan thought he caught a gleam of anticipation on her face …


The rest of the day passed in a blur for Dan. There were lectures, as the Domina had promised, on female culture and society. But they also had other lessons, on make-up and deportment. These were led by Miss Fox, who seemed rather more kindly than the irascible Miss Pettis. She patiently gave Dan a crash course in how to walk with high heels, and after a few false starts he began to feel more at ease – though his calves ached with the unfamiliar posture.

Eventually, he found himself sitting down at dinner, eating what he had to admit was a decent meal with a small group of his Rose classmates. He had learnt that the Lilac and Rose groups slept and ate separately, and only saw one another in the classes they shared, or on their free day, Sunday. That meant he had not had a chance to catch up with Paul – which in the circumstances, he reflected bitterly, was probably just as well.

“So what are these ‘points’ I keep hearing about”, he asked.

“We don’t know for sure”, said Lou, a stocky young man who refused to answer (at least outside class) to his female name of Lucy, despite still being garbed in the white blouse, red plaid skirt and white stockings that was the uniform for the day.

“All we can tell you”, he went on, “is that they score us in some way, based on our performance and conduct in and out of class. Nobody’s quite sure who gets how many points, and for what exactly.

“Except that when the ‘best performer’ is announced each week, it’s usually someone who seems to be more keen than the rest of us at wearing these clothes and getting into the, ah, more physical activities. Isn’t it Chelsea?” He grinned at the girl opposite him, who stuck out her tongue in reply.

“So do you … get used to having to look like this, to be put through” – Dan blushed, and then went on – “what I had to do today? To have sex, or pull yourself off in front of a bunch of strangers?”

“Well, we’ve had a couple of months to get the hang of it”, replied Lou, thoughtfully. “It was much tougher at the start – the same way it is for you now. But you adapt – or at least most of us do,”

“How do you mean, adapt?”

“I mean some, like Chelsea and Emily here, seem quite comfortable with the routine. Me, and I suppose a few others, well we’re getting the knack of staying quiet, keeping our reactions under control. When I came here I was horny all the time, now I seem to be able to suppress it somehow.

“But there are quite a number who if anything seem to be getting more frustrated. They’re the ones who are always trying to resist – the more they get punished or humiliated, the more they seem determined to behave like ‘real’ men should. Like Al over there – or should I say, Alice.”

He gestured at a dark-skinned student who sat at another table. He was looking with obvious if somewhat strained enjoyment down the low-cut blouse of one of the young women serving the tables, as she leant over to refill his drink. In keeping with the rest of the staff at St Odette’s, each of the serving women wore French maid outfits, and looked simply stunning.

Dan turned to Emily, who was sitting next to him. “So, do you enjoy things here?” Emily smiled, and rested her hand on his arm. He cursed inwardly as her touch set off another tingle in his groin.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t”, she answered lightly. “Not everything, of course. But I’ve found that if you do want the teachers want, and try to enjoy it as best you can, it becomes easier–”

She broke off and her face creased into a frown of concern. “Oh, look out, Carla’s on her way over”.

“Carla?” queried Dan. “She’s one of the maids, and she has a thing for some of the prettier students”, answered Emily. “She has some … well, let’s say weird tastes.” She shivered.

“Has she –” Dan began to ask, but he was interrupted by a voice behind him. “Well, what do we have here? A new girl, no less! What’s your name?”

He turned around, to see a petite, attractive brunette looking at him with a suggestive smile and a wicked gleam in her eyes. Unusually for the staff at the school, she did not fill out her costume, but there was nonetheless something sexy and provocative about the way she carried herself.

“Uh Dan – I mean Danielle ma’am”, replied Dan awkwardly. “Oh yes”, she chuckled, “I hear you were quite the performer today. And I can see why, with those luscious lips of yours. Tell you what, I finish work in half an hour. Meet me outside the kitchen, then you can come back to my room for a coffee and tell me all about it.”

Dan looked uncertainly at his companions. Emily nodded to him. “Of course ma’am”, he said.

“Excellent”, Carla responded, and flounced off to serve another table.

“Well”, said Emily, “I suppose you should take it as a compliment that she’s singled you out for special attention, though I fancy you may regret it. Still, the rules say that we’re at the beck and call of the staff – seems funny, doesn’t it, to have it that way around … But I’m sure there’s a good reason for it!” she concluded brightly.

Lou rolled his eyes. “Ah, Em – always the optimist.”

Dan wondered if he should ask what might be store in for him, but then thought: I’m better off not knowing …

Soon enough he was walking back to the maid’s quarters, in a red corridor to which he would not normally have had access. She invited him in, bustled over a coffee pot, and poured him out a cup. She chatted inconsequentially as he drank out of it, then put down her cup.

“So”, she said, “time to see what you can do. Kneel!”

Dan immediately got out of his seat and knelt before her. “Good”, she said, stretching out one fishnet-clad leg to him and pointing the tip of her black shoe at him. “Hmmm, I seem to have got my shoe a little dirty. Lick it clean please Danielle”.

Dan promptly bent his face towards and began to run his tongue over the leather, working hard to remove the grime and stains it had accumulated during her dinner shift. “That’s excellent – now the other one.”

Again, he complied. It seemed a perfectly natural thing to do. He was here to serve Carla, wasn’t he? Yet somewhere in the back of his brain, the thought occurred – why are you doing this? A small frown puckered his brow.

Carla must have noticed his change of expression.”Ah, you’re probably wondering what’s going on, yes? Well, you see I like my students docile when they attend to me. Don’t want them objecting to my little whims. So I had nurse Melanie brew me up a nice little concoction that I slipped in your coffee. You get to do exactly what I say – and now you know that, and there’s still nothing you can do about it. How thrilling is that!” She clapped her hands with delight, as he looked at her helplessly.

For the next 20 minutes she put him to work cleaning up her room, as often with his mouth as with his hands or any cleaning implements. His obedience to her commands was instant, even while some part of him was wailing with frustration and shame at what she was making him do.

Having watched him attend to a high shelf with a long-handled feather duster, she ordered him to pull down his panties and insert the handle into his anus. She took great delight in making him see how far he could get it in, then instructed him to leave it there as he continued with his housework.

Satisfied with his work, she had him sit down in front of a video monitor and watch what turned out to be a security camera recording of his performance in class earlier that day. She crowed with laughter when Paul came all over his face, then said “Oh I love this bit – it’s my favourite!” as his friend was forced to clean his face. Dan could do nothing but watch, his cheeks burning with humiliation.

“Well, that was pretty good – but I think this is better, see what you think …” She put on another recording, which had evidently been made in this very room. It featured Emily and Chelsea, wearing pretty gingham dresses and silken white stockings with bows at the top. They were kissing passionately, their tongues darting into each other’s painted mouths. The camera panned down to reveal that they were also jerking the other’s erect cock.

Again, Dan was forced to watch the erotic scene to its explosive climax. The drug Carla had given him did nothing to prevent him getting aroused – except that with the inhibitor still on, he was left with no physical release. Unable to move without Carla’s permission, even to claw uselessly at his limp dick, he was tormented by waves of lust as his new schoolmates made love.

The maid was all too aware of his condition. “Hurts, doesn’t it”, she said teasingly. She reached over and switched off the monitor. “My turn”, she grinned. She disappeared for a moment, then came back with a plastic sheet that she laid out on the carpet. This done, she sat back in her armchair, langorously spreading her legs wide. She slipped a hand inside her panties.

“Mmmm, those two have made me nice and wet. Danielle, go and clean that dirty mouth of yours out and then bring your tongue here. I want it inside me.” Dan did as he was told, washing out his mouth and then, kneeling in front of her, pulled her satin panties to one side and began to lap at her cunt. “Lick harder, that’s it, right on my clit, oh god yes, you beautiful slut!”

She must have been very turned on because she came almost immediately, squeezing Dan’s face hard into her slit. As the spasms slowed she released her grip. Dan waited for the command to get up. But it didn’t come – she still had one humiliation left for him.

“Well”, she smiled, as she caught her breath. “Nothing like cumming on a full bladder. And of course nothing like a good pee afterwards. Open wide, Danielle.” As he dutifully responded, the first stream of golden fluid hit him full in the face, running down into his gaping mouth and spilling down to soak his blouse.

She stopped the flow, then aimed a second jet right into his mouth. “Swallow it all down”, she commanded. Gulping frantically, he complied. When she had finished, she forced him to lick her cunt clean, then mop up the pee that had spilled onto the sheet.

“Wasn’t that fun”, said Carla cheerfully. “Now you sit there for a few moments until my potion has worn off, then it’s time to say goodnight, my naughty little playmate. But you might want to reflect on this. That drug is good – but it can’t make anyone do what they really don’t want to do. So you could have fought it – but you didn’t.”

She laughed. “So what that tells me is that something in that pretty head of yours” – she prodded his forehead – “actually wanted to do all those all things. Or, at least, to be commanded to do them. Which makes you quite the slut, Danielle.”

Ten minutes later Dan was trudging back to the dorm, sore and ashamed, the acid taste of her urine still fresh in his mouth. He headed straight for the shower, waving off any attempt to question what had happened to him.

“You really don’t want to know – and I’m trying not to remember”, he said a little while later, sitting on the edge of his bunk in the pyjamas he had found in his locker.

“OK, I won’t ask.” Emily sat beside him and reached an arm around to squeeze his shoulder. He swallowed and breathed heavily. “Are you OK”, she asked in a concerned tone. “Fine, fine”, he said hurriedly. “I should really be getting to bed though.”

He noticed that a beaker has been left by his bunk, with a small measure of a clear but slightly viscous liquid inside it. He asked Emily what it was. “Oh, just a vitamin supplement we have to take each night – they’re all prepared for us individually.”

He looked at it with suspicion. But if his new friend – and that’s all she is, he told himself firmly – thought it was alright, well surely he could trust her. After all, trust was in such short supply at St Odette’s …

In Chapter 6 Dan experiences the other half of classroom life at St Odette’s – and has his first encounter with the Relief Room.

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How are you such a good

How are you such a good writer? I wish I could be as good as you! Please hurry with chapter 6!

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Loved it
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Great writing!!

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