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“Come on princess, wakey-wakey, rise and shine!” It took Dan a while to focus on the strident voice that was rousing him from his sleep. His head felt muzzy, and it was a few moments before he could work out where he was.

Then recollection flooded back and his stomach gave a lurch. Suddenly he was all too aware of the strange smoothness of his skin, of the unfamiliar feel of the black satin garments he still wore – and of the dreadful predicament he and his friend Paul had somehow fallen into.

He open his bleary eyes and looked at the large figure looming over him. As his vision cleared he saw it was the Amazonian guard they had encountered the night before. She was cheerfully rapping on his bed with a wicked-looking truncheon.

“OK, up you get. Breakfast is served – and then it’s off to your new dorms.”

Dan looked around and found Paul, who was already up and tucking into a bowl of cereal he had evidently picked up off a tray the guard had brought with her. Dan had very little appetite, but joined his friend and forced himself to eat a little breakfast. The way he was feeling about the day ahead, it would not surprise if it came straight back up again.

After they finished eating, and following a brief stop for ablutions, they were escorted by the guard through a maze of corridors. On their way, the guard made occasional comments about Paul and how she was looking forward to catching him in a dark corridor. She clearly had plans in mind.

Soon enough, however, they reached a passage way with two doors. The guard ushered Paul into the purple one on the left. “That’s your dorm, lover. There’ll be a locker with your name on it, and clothes inside. Not your own of course – approved school clothing only. Get yourself dressed, and follow the other boys. Classes start at 9am sharp.”

She turned to Dan. “As for you princess, you go in here. After you’ve showered and shaved – you’ll find some kit in your locker – put on the uniform that’s hanging at the front of the clothes rail. The front one, mind. Then wait – someone will be along to get you.” She grinned. “You are going to look hot!”

Trembling, Dan pushed open the door, which was coloured pink. Inside he found a large room, with some ten or twelve bunks, and the same number of steel-grey lockers. The room was empty, but for a couple of young men in plain woollen pyjamas who looked up curiously as he entered. In no mood for any conversation, he walked over to the lockers and quickly found one with “D Scott” on it.

On a shelf inside, he found as promised a kit bag with shaving equipment and soap, together with a towel. Ignoring the other contents – he simply didn’t dare look at the uniform that was waiting for him – he closed the locker. A babble of voices that came from a nearby doorway guided him to the showers.

Again, he avoided any contact and found a vacant stall. There was enough steam to give him a certain amount of privacy – though only from the other boys. Looking up, he noticed a series of cameras. He had seen the same in the dorm, and in every corridor he had been down. No secrets at St Odette’s, he thought. Or at least, we don’t get to have any.

Refreshed from his shower, and clean shaven, he walking back into the dorm feeling a little better. But the improvement in his mood lasted only until he opened his locker and inspected the clothes inside. The hangar at the front contained a white short-sleeved blouse, made of some semi-transparent material, and a red plaid skirt. There was also a red tartan tie. Behind this there were other uniforms, in other colours, but he recalled his instructions and took out only the first one.

Dan looked around uncertainly. The dorm was now full of students, who were in various stages of donning the same uniform that Dan was holding dubiously in front of him. Most looked sullen or resigned at what they were being forced to wear, but a few were chatting happily. One looked up from an animated conversation and caught Dan’s eye. Smiling, he walked over.

He was slender, and perhaps around Dan’s height – though the black high-heeled pumps he wore added a couple of inches. He walked comfortably in them, and Dan had to admit that his clean-shaven legs looked good in the white stockings that evidently went with the blouse and plaid skirt. His long black hair was tied back into a ponytail.

“Hi”, he said in a melodious voice, “I’m Emile”. At least, that’s what he must have said his name was – though Dan could have sworn he had heard “Emily”. “You must be one of the new boy Miss Pettis was talking about yesterday. Welcome to Rose Group!”

“Er, thanks. I’m Dan.” He was wondering whether to ask the newcomer for help, but Emile forestalled him. “Let me guess, not sure how to get dressed?” Dan nodded ruefully.

“Well, that’s easily fixed.” Emile reached into Dan’s locker, rummaged around and came out holding a pair of white cotton panties and a red bra. “OK, we start with these. Drop your towel and step into the panties – and don’t worry, I won’t peek! That’s it. Tuck your equipment into the sleeve in the front of the panties and pull the strings tight so that you’re nice and smooth. Great! Now for the bra – turn around!”

Dan did as he was told. Emile reached around him, guided Dan’s arms through the straps and pulled tight, fastening the catch. “You’ll get the hang of doing that soon enough – though I’m sure you’ve taken plenty off before!”, laughed Emile. I wish, Dan thought.

The bra pressed against his chest, the cups filled out by two mounds of what looked like a flesh-coloured gel. The effect was disturbing – to any casual onlooker, he now had small but well-formed breasts.

“I’m really not sure I want to do this. Isn’t there some way of – well, dressing normally?”, Dan asked in some desperation.

The smile disappeared from the other boy’s face. “I take you’ve been introduced to the school’s methods of discipline?”, he asked. Dan nodded. “Well”, the young man went on, “if you’re seen by any staff member outside the dorm in anything other than your allocated uniform, it’s an instant ball-zap – and loss of points.”

Dan was about to ask what he meant by loss of points, when the dorm suddenly fell silent. Looking round, he saw that a teacher had entered the dorm – but what a teacher!

Like the Domina, she was clad all in black, but to far more alluring effect. Her long flowing gown was left untied, to reveal heavy breasts encased in a black bra . She wore no shirt or blouse. Beneath her short skirt her legs were encased in black stockings, her feet in strapless, high-heeled slip-ons. To complete the effect, she wore a mortar board on top of her raven tresses. She must have been in her 30s, and oozed sex appeal.

“I’m looking for Danielle”, she said, walking into the room. As she came nearer and he caught a whiff of her heady perfume, Dan cursed and tried to curb what he knew would have been a raging hard-on without the effect of the inhibitor on his cock, but which still flooded his body with frustrated anticipation.

“Where is Danielle – the new girl?” Several fingers pointed in Dan’s direction. “Ah there you are”, the teacher said, giving him a tight smile. “Delighted to see you’re getting dressed.”

“There must be some mistake ma’am”, Dan said hoarsely. “My name is Dan and I –”

“Don’t be an idiot. On days when you dress as a girl, you are a girl. So you get a girl’s name – something nice and feminine. Danielle is perfect – just rolls off the tongue!”

“Yes ma’am”, he responded, his head down. How much worse could this get?

“And I see you’ve met Emily –already making friends! Emily dear, help Danielle to finish getting dressed and then bring her to my study, will you?”

“Yes Miss Pettis”, came the answer. Emily, eh? thought Dan. So he hadn’t misheard after all!

The teacher looked at the rest of the students. “Make sure you have the right uniform everyone. And don’t be late for class”, she called out as she stalked out of the dorm.

As the door closed, Dan turned to Emily. “I gather there’s more than one uniform?”

“Oh yes, we wear them in rotation. It’s odd , but we should have been wearing this one today.” Emily reached into the locker and pulled out another hangar. On it hung a black pinafore dress, with a white blouse and striped tie. “Not my favourite – but my friend Chelsea looks gorgeous in it, especially with black stockings on those lovely legs of hers.”

Dan looked at her (he found it impossible to think of the person talking to him as anything other than female). She seemed to be far too enthusiastic about the clothing they were forced to wear, though Dan supposed she’d had a good couple of months to get used to the idea.

“So why not that one today”, he asked. Emily frowned. “No idea – but Miss Pettis was very insistent that we wear this one instead. It’s OK I guess.”

She smoothed out her translucent blouse, through which the bright red bra was plainly visible. It was funny, Dan thought, but he could swear there was no sign of any breast forms inside, of the sort he himself was now wearing. But how then did she get to have those small but unmistakeable mounds?

Emily helped him into the skirt, which she zipped up, and then the blouse. Everything seemed to fit him – they had obviously taken care in that regard. Then she showed him how to gather up the first of the white stockings in two hands, ease them over his toes, and then roll them up so they came up to the top of his thigh.

As the silky material slid over his still-sensitive bare skin, he felt a little thrill of pleasure, which was magnified when he accidentally brushed his nylon-clad knee against the similar material on Emily’s thigh. He looked up sharply, but if Emily had noticed the sensual contact, she gave no sign of it.

To cover his confusion, he asked whether he had to wear some kind of suspender belt. “Don’t be silly”, she admonished him, “these are stay-ups. Now for your shoes!”

He slipped first one foot, then the other, into the black punps she had placed on the floor. Again, they fitted him perfectly. He tried to walk, and immediately felt himself tottering on the unfamiliar heels. He had to thrust a hand onto the chair to steady himself.

Emily gave him a wry smile. “Something else you’ll have to get used to! Come on, we’d better get you to Miss Pettis before she gets angry.”

Emily took Dan by the hand and, supporting him when he stumbled, walked him out of the dorm. They quickly reached a wooden door, on which Emily knocked. “Come in”, came the reply. Emily opened the door, then stopped and squeezed Dan’s arm. “There you go Danielle. See you in the classroom!”

As he stepped – or rather hobbled – inside, Miss Pettis came over to greet him. Once again, he caught his breath at her erotic appearance. Down below, he felt the irritating tingling that he was already beginning to know and loathe.

“Ah, Danielle, splendid. Now follow me in here.” She led him into what was evidently an ensuite bathroom that connected to her study. “It’s time for your make-up. In future you’ll have to learn to do this yourself, though I’m sure Emily will give you a hand. Stand here and remain as still as possible.”

He started to protest, but the teacher casually lifted an arm on which a golden control bracelet gleamed. He sighed and shut his mouth. She picked up a powder puff and began to dab it around his face. “Not too much”, she said. “can’t have you looking like too much of a tart, can we? But I’m sure we can spare some rouge to bring up those cheekbones.”

She worked quickly and efficiently, applying a heavy shade of dark blue to his eyelids, sketching around them with a pencil, and then reaching for a bottle of mascara. “You hardly need any with those big eyelashes of yours”, she murmured, but applied some anyway.

“Hair – hmmm.” She tousled his short brown locks. “Not too much we can do with that until it grows out. But if we apply a wet comb – so – well that will have to do. Now for some lippy.”

She stared down at a collection of lipsticks, then selected one, a bold red colour. As she daubed it on, she said admiringly: “You have lips any woman who hasn’t had collagen treatment would give their eye teeth for. Thick and luscious – oh that’s just perfect.” She admired her handiwork. “Now smack them for me a couple of times – excellent.”

She pressed a tissue against his mouth and showed it to him: there was a hardly a mark on it. “This is very durable – you’ll still have that ruby-red look tonight. Perfect for the, ah, oral exercise that we have scheduled for this morning.”

Dan wasn’t listening to her, however. He was staring in bewilderment at the stranger in the mirror. The features were recognisably his, but he was nonetheless looking at a girl – and a pretty one at that. The eyes were large and sultry, beautifully set off by the make-up. And as for those bright red, pouting lips! He had seen their like many times before ... but only on models or actresses.

“Well Danielle, you are going to turn heads looking that ... But it’s time for class. Come on!” Mrs Pettis drew him away. He had to tear his eyes from the sight of his painted face.

A few quick steps took them out of Miss Pettis’ study and into what was obviously a classroom. Rows of old-fashioned desks were arrayed into two groups. On the left sat ten boys, all in grey worsted shorts, white shirts, striped ties and grey woollen pullovers.

The drabness of their appearance was offset by the “girls” who occupied the desks on the other side. Dan noticed that they too now wore make-up, though again some were clearly more comfortable with it – and skilled in its application – than others.

Miss Pettis guided Dan to a seat in the third row, next to Emily. Her face was lightly, but skilfully painted. He caught his breath at how pretty she was and again felt the tingle of artificially suppressed ardour. Oh god, he thought. This is a man! I can’t get excited about a guy in drag! He tried to hold that thought, but then a worse one struck him. What if ... what if he was having that same effect on the boys opposite, dressed and made up like this?

Something made him look round. Paul was sitting at a desk just across the aisle. He was staring at Dan with his mouth open. Dan wrenched his gaze away, feeling sick to his stomach.

He was spared from further introspection by a rap on the desk from Miss Pettis. “Good morning class!” “Good morning Miss Pettis”, came the dutiful response.

“As you know”, she said, “we have two newcomers today, Paul and Danielle.” She pointed them out. Dan shrank from the stares that were fixed on him from all sides. “To welcome them, and give them some idea of what studying at St Odette’s involves, we’re going to ask them to go through a very special initiation ceremony.

“Now because of that, we won’t be having our usual reward session for this week’s best performer in the points competition.” Someone in the row behind Dan gave an audible sigh of disappointment. “But to make it up to that student, who has done fabulously well in every field of learning, I have a special prize – and something to put everyone in the right mood for our ceremony. Chelsea, step forward please!”

The sigh behind Dan gave way to a squeal of delight. A tall, long-legged girl (again, Dan could not think of them in any other way) strode to the front of the class. Like Emily, she had long hair, but her blonde tresses fell straight to her shoulders. A fetching red headband kept it out of her eyes. He recognised her as one of the friends Emily had been talking to when he had first seen her in the dorm.

Miss Pettis instructed Chelsea to get down on all fours on a raised platform at the front of the room, which put her in full view of the glass. Then the teacher reached into the desk and brought out a strange contraption. She lifted up her skirt and began to tie some straps around her waist. With a thrill, Dan recognised what it was.

Miss Pettis knelt down beside Chelsea, adjusting the harness so that the end of the huge black dildo brushed against the student’s face. Chelsea’s expression had gone from one of happy anticipation to frozen fear at the sight of the gigantic rubber cock that filled her vision. This was clearly not what she had been expecting ...

“Lubricate it”, commanded the teacher. Chelsea opened her mouth wide and then gagged as her head was pulled forward and the dildo was thrust to the very back of her throat. Miss Pettis pulled it out and inspected the shaft, which now dripped with saliva. “Very good – and now for that prize you’ve earned!”

She moved behind Chelsea and pulled down the girl’s pants. “Spread”, she ordered. As the frightened girl moved her legs apart, the teacher positioned the head of the dildo against her victim’s back passage. She worked the enormous bulb to and fro until it eased into the hole, then pushed hard. Chelsea let out a cry of pain, and then the teacher starting thrusting back and forward, gradually increasing her tempo as the dildo plunged further and further inside.

Dan glanced around. The bulk of the class were watching the scene with rapt attention, their faces starting to screw up as they fought off the urge to clutch at erections they simply couldn’t have. But a few, Dan noticed, were deliberately staring out of the window into the gardens outside the classroom – the more disciplined ones, they had obviously learnt to resist the temptation to get excited.

Miss Pettis was now fucking her student furiously. It was clear that she was getting more and more excited, as she pushed hard against Chelsea’s upturned bottom. The harness she was wearing must be stimulating her clit somehow, thought Dan. His supposition seemed to be correct – she gave a shriek and shuddered with what could only have been a powerful orgasm.

As she did so, Chelsea bucked her hips and let out a moan of her own, before collapsing forward, the teacher’s weight on her back. What the hell was that?, Dan wondered? He had seen Chelsea’s cock hanging down quite clearly as she was taken by the teacher, and it had been completely flaccid.

Miss Pettis slowly picked herself up. She was covered in sweat, but used Chelsea’s panties to wipe over her face, before handing them back and motioning the girl to her seat. Chelsea slowly trudged past Dan, walking now in a very stiff-legged fashion, but clearly as flushed with excitement as her teacher. She had actually ended up enjoying it, Dan thought wonderingly.

“Right”, said Miss Pettis, straightening her clothes and patting down her hair. “Time for the main show.” She fixed Dan with a piercing gaze. “Danielle, it’s your chance to shine. Up here. Now.”

As if in a dream, he felt himself stand up and walk unsteadily up to the stage. He tripped over his heels as he stepped up onto the platform, prompting a few snickers from behind him. At her command, he knelt and faced the class.

“So, Danielle, this is where you get to show all your new classmates how good you are at sucking cock.” As her fateful words sank in, he was frozen for a moment, then began to babble. “Ma’am, I just can’t, it’s not possible, please –”

She waved him into silence. “What, you don’t think you’re attractive enough to get any of these young men hard? Seriously Danielle, have you forgotten how you look? There isn’t a boy in this room who wouldn’t like to have those juicy red lips wrapped around his dick.”

He tried again. “But I’m not a girl, I don’t even know what I’m doing here, you can’t make me –”

This time she slapped his face. Shocked, he fell silent. Her voice was an angry hiss. “Listen slut, I can make you do whatever I want. You know that, don’t you?” He nodded miserably.

“But as it happens” – her tone was calmer now – “this time, as so often at this school, you do have a choice. If you decide not to co-operate, you go back to your seat, with no penalty.”

He looked up into her face, with a faint hope that quickly died as she went on: “But it’s a different matter for the pupil you are required to service. If either he or you refuse to participate, he gets a nice jolt through his testicles.” She fingered her bracelet and smiled. “Or perhaps two or three. So it’s your partner who pays the price if you’re not feeling up to this dear.”

Without waiting for a response from Dan, she stepped down from the platform and walked down the aisle between the desks. Over her shoulder, she called back to him: “Because you must know who you partner is to be, don’t you Danielle? Why else would you and your sisters from the Rose group be wearing this particular uniform today?”

She stopped and put her hand on Paul’s arm. “Because it is your very favourite look, isn’t it young man? I have that on very good authority.”

The blood seemed to turn to ice in Dan’s veins, and a knot twisted in his stomach. Not Paul, anyone but his friend!

Paul himself sat rigid, uncomprehending, until a yank from Miss Pettis jerked him to his feet. Dumbly, he allowed himself to be led forward, until he was standing next to Dan on the dais.

“So dear” – the teacher looked down at Dan – “it’s your choice”. She gave the word an almost lascivious tone. “Either boyfriend here gets zapped – or you give him exactly what he’s been craving for since he walked in here and found half the class dressed in this particular uniform.

“But if you start on him, be warned. You have ten minutes exactly to suck him off – and you swallow every drop. Failure on either those scores earns a punishment. Oh, nothing as severe as the pain he’ll endure if you don’t put on a show. But he’ll get some special treatment – and you’ll get to watch.”

Dan looked at her mutely. His head gave a little shake. She raised an eyebrow. “What, you don’t think he’s up for it? Let’s see, shall we?” She tapped a button on her bracelet. There was a low moan around the classroom as, all of a sudden, blood flooded into previously limp pricks.

Smiling, Miss Pettis tilted Dan’s head so that he was looking straight at Paul’s groin. There was no mistaking the bulge there. He looked up. Paul’s cheeks were crimson. He whispered “I’m sorry Danny, I’m just so horny ...”

The teacher had turned to the class. “Alright everyone, get ready, you know the score. It’s your weekly chance for a free jackoff. No penalties – unless you take longer than the ten minutes, or fail to clean up and swallow every speck of jizz you produce.”

All around the classroom, there was a rustle as the students liberated their dicks from the constraints of their clothing. A few sat still, clearly intending not to participate. Emily, Dan noted, was not one of these. He was struck by the incongruous sight of what looked to be a pretty schoolgirl in sexy clothing lifting a stiff cock from her white panties and wrapping a fist round it. She was looking straight at him, and with a shock he realised his own meat was beginning to stiffen. He willed it to be soft.

Miss Pettis positioned Paul so that he stood over Dan, side on to the suddenly eager audience. She looked at Dan and motioned him to begin. He stared back at her helplessly. What on earth was he to do ...?

Chapter Five reveals the outcome of Dan’s choice – and its costs to both himself and Paul.

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