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Dan opened his eyes. As on the previous occasion when Melanie had used her special bracelet to knock him out, there was no slow return to consciousness, no sense of rousing from a dream. He was simply awake again. This time though, he had a strange sense that he had been out for longer.

Something else was different too, though it took him a moment to work out what it was. He was still on the couch where the nurse had left him, but now a sheet covered him. As he moved his arms to lever himself into a sitting position, the sheet moved very oddly against his naked flesh. It seemed to slide across his skin, with little resistance, leaving a curious tingle. He stared at it, trying to work out whether it was made of some kind of special material. Then all of a sudden he realised that what felt odd was not the sheet, which he saw now was simply white cotton – but his own skin. There was no hair on his arms, or his chest.

With a strangled cry, he swept back the sheet and looked down at the rest of his body. It too was entirely devoid of hair. While he had been unconscious, someone had neatly removed the black pelt that had previously covered most of his legs and torso.

How it had been done, he had no idea – with wax? Some kind of special cream? Whatever the method, it had left his skin smooth, pink and unusually sensitive. The hair on his head was still there, and nothing had been done about the light stubble on his chin and cheeks. But everywhere else, the skin was bare – including his groin, where his suddenly exposed genitals rested limply, the silver bracelet now fully visible.

An exclamation made him turn around, startled. Paul was lying on the couch next to his. He too had lifted up the sheet that covered him and was staring in disbelief at what lay underneath. He looked up and their eyes met.

“Oh god”, breathed Paul. “You too?”

Dan nodded shakily. “Why would they do this to us?” A thought suddenly struck him. “Did you get here the same way I did?”, he asked.

His friend stared at him for a moment, then answered: “If you mean, did some gorgeous bitch of a nurse knock me out, fit some kind of ring on my dick, then knock me out again – then yes, I guess so.”

Dan hesitated, then asked “And did you get shown what happens to, um –”

“What they can do to our hard-ons? Oh yeah. Not a very pleasant feeling, is it? Seriously Danny, I don’t know where they’ve sent us, but we need to get out of here pronto. First thing though we need to find some clothes.”

Paul looked around the room for something to wear. His eyes lit on a couple of garments that had been laid out on the end of his couch. Looking around, Dan noticed that he too had been left a similar pair of items. He picked them up and examined them.

The larger one was some sort of kimono, the other a pair of panties. Both were made of black satin. Dan hesitated, then slipped on the kimono. It covered his upper body well enough, but came down only to the top of his legs, and there was no belt to keep it fastened. He fingered the panties dubiously, then glanced at Paul and shrugged.

“We can’t run around with our dicks hanging out. Better put these on, I suppose.” Reluctantly, they each stepped into their respective garments and pulled them up. They discovered that sewn into the front gusset was a kind of sleeve into which they could put their cocks. There was a drawstring which, when pulled tight, tucked their members snugly if somewhat uncomfortably away, leaving a much smaller bulge than they might have expected.

“We look like sissies”, growled Paul, “but there’s no help for it”. he strode over to the door of the dressing room and tried to open it, but it would not budge. “Locked and bolted”, said Paul with disgust. “OK, so what we’ll do is wait behind the door for someone to come in, then jump them. If it’s that fucking nurse again, we should have no trouble – she’ll never get a chance to use that damn bracelet, I swear it.”

They did not have to wait long. They heard faint footsteps in the corridor, then a mechanism clicked. The door began to swing open and they braced themselves to attack.

Suddenly, without warning, the door was thrust open with considerable force and they were knocked to the floor. Dan was momentarily stunned, but Paul leapt up with a roar and flung himself towards the large and powerful figure that had entered the room. He hesitated when he saw that the newcomer was a statuesque redhead, but then jumped on her and bore to the floor.

She was surprisingly strong, but Paul’s superior weight and bulk gave him the upper hand. He pinned one of her arms, then reached over to rip the inevitable bracelet off the other. But as his fingers touched the silver circlet, a bolt of incandescent pain surged through his genitals.. He let out a feral howl and flung himself off her. He collapsed to the floor, doubled up in agony, his eyes streaming.

The woman he had attacked got to her feet, straightened her clothes, and stood over the two young men, legs akimbo. She wore a light grey, one-piece guard’s uniform. The button-fronted dress featured a plunging neckline and a short skirt that stopped just above the top of her thigh-high leather boots. A studded black leather belt cinched her waist and was complemented by a cap and choker of similar material. Her body was taut and toned, and she must have been well over six feet tall.

She grinned down at her charges, idly fingering her bracelet. “Boys, boys”, she said reprovingly. “What made you think we wouldn’t monitor your conversations in here? Or let you get your hands on one of our control bracelets?”

Reaching down, she hauled Dan to his feet with ridiculous ease. “Nice outfit, princess”, she sniggered. Then she turned to Paul. “You can get up too. Your balls are safe now – so long as you behave yourself.” As Paul groggily raised himself, she have him a searching appraisal. “Wow, that’s some body you’ve got there. I’m sure I’m going to find plenty of uses for it ... But that’s for later. Come on now, time for your next appointment.”

The two friends were too stunned to resist as she steered them out of the door. They were taken to a lift, then ushered inside. The guard pressed a button, then stepped out. “This will take you up to the Domina. I warn you now, don’t try anything else stupid – because if you do, she’ll be far less gentle and forgiving than I’ve been.” As the doors closed, she blew Paul a kiss. “See you later, lover.”

The lift ascended, then came to a halt. The doors opened to reveal a large, light-filled office. As they stepped onto the plush carpet, a woman who had been looking out of a window turned to face them. “Ah, the new boys at last. Been having fun?”

The Domina was not perhaps what they might have expected. After the guard who had subdued them, she looked tiny, though she was perhaps only an inch shorter than Dan. She was dressed in an elegant business suit, all in black and expensively cut to fit her slender figure, and comfortable flat shoes. She wore no make-up or jewellery, aside from a diamond stud in each ear and the ubiquitous bracelet, which in her case was golden.

Her ash-blonde hair was cut-short into a page-boy bob. It was hard to say how old she was, although a faint tracery of lines around her face marked her as no longer young.

“Sit down”, she said. Her voice was high, clear and commanding, and with a slight accent that suggested English had not been her first language. Paul and Dan complied immediately, folding into two chairs arrayed in front of a walnut desk. As they looked around, they could see that the room was comfortably furnished with antique furniture. The only modern feature, apart from the lift by which they had entered, was a cabinet next to the desk that contained an array of electronic equipment. The desk, they saw, also had a touch screen and several controls neatly built into it.

The Domina walked around and sat behind the desk. She touched a control and glanced down at some information that appeared on the screen.

“So, according to Mrs Lake, you two require some re-education.” She lifted a quizzical eyebrow. “It appears that you need to learn how to treat women properly, hmmm?” Unable to meet her gaze, they dropped their eyes.

“Well, this is certainly the right place. We offer courses in gender studies. In your classes you’ll learn about the history of male attempts to dominate and repress women, about the many enlightened societies ruled by matriarchies, about the power and resilience of female culture and ideas. And at a – how can I put it? – more practical level, you will learn both to control your masculine urges for sexual assault, and to appreciate a little more keenly what it’s like to be an object of someone else’s desire.

“Now, let’s get a few things straight. First, understand that you are back at school. You will wear uniforms at all times – even the weekends. Classes run from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays you have free time, but you are expected to engage in quiet leisure activities.

“No external communication is permitted – there are no mobiles or computers here, And you are not allowed to leave the building or its grounds. We’re miles from anywhere. Besides, those wonderful bracelets on your wrist are coded to knock you out if you stray just one millimetre past the boundaries.

“You’ll also find that there are clearly marked zones around this building. If you’re in a green zone, such as the classroom, dining hall or dormitories, you are free to move around, subject to obeying the instructions of any teachers or other staff. But if the zone is red, you’d better have permission to be there. Because if you don’t, you’ll quickly find that cock ring giving your balls a frying it won’t forget. Understand?”

They nodded. Paul, whose hands had involuntarily shot to his still painful groin, looked queasy.

“Not something to experience twice, is it Paul?” asked the Domina. Paul mutely shook his head. “As you’ve also discovered, our control bracelets are bio-encrypted to respond only to the wearer and certain members of staff. Touch one of them and it’s instant agony.”

Dan finally found his voice. “Why is all this necess–” he started to ask, but the Domina cut him off. “You speak when you’re spoken to, boy.” She did not raise her voice, but there was something menacing in her level tone. “If you want to ask a question, put your hand up. And when you address me, or any other member of staff, you will call us ‘Ma’am’. Got that?”

“Yes ma’am”, he responded meekly. He began to put his hand up, but she waved it away. “Save your questions. All you need to know for now is that you are under our complete control. Is that clear to you both?”

It was all too clear. “Yes ma’am”, they mumbled. It was dawning on them just what a predicament they were in. They were effectively being held captive in a building whose location they did not know, by a group of women whose true identities were a mystery, and with no obvious way of contacting the outside world. And any attempt at resistance would be met with – well, it didn’t bear thinking about.

“So”, continued the Domina, “as I was saying, your movements here are restricted. But those bracelets you’re wearing don’t just allow us to forestall any foolish attempts at escape, or exploration. As you’ve been shown, they allow us to control your sexual impulses – or at least, the physical manifestation of those impulses.

“You may have noticed that our staff here are particularly attractive.” Noticed it? They could hardly miss it, thought Dan, but he kept the comment to himself.

“That’s not an accident. The idea is to surround you with beautiful women, in the most delectable clothing imaginable. You can look all you want – but those clever little inhibitors on your cock ring will be set almost all the time to prevent you getting physically aroused.”

She got up and walked around the desk. “So”, she said softly, bending down so close that they could feel her breath on their apprehensive faces, “you have a choice. In fact St Odette’s is all about choices – or at least, the choices we allow you.

“If you want, you can be horny and frustrated. Or, you can learn to control your impulses. It’s really up to you ...”

She straightened up and continued in a more normal tone. “You’ll also be tested in one other way – well, several ways really, but I don’t want to spoil all the surprises for you.” For the first time since they had come in, her lips twitched into something like a smile.

“You’ll be delighted to hear that each of the gorgeous women on my staff have full permission to use you as a plaything whenever and however they want, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their regular duties. That’s not a special privilege for you, by the way. The same goes for any member of the class you’ll be in.”

Now the Domina’s smile broadened. “But here’s the catch. The staff who use you are under no obligation – none whatsoever – to let you enjoy the experience. Oh, if they’re feeling generous, or are particularly happy with your service, they may offer to switch off your inhibiting field.

“But if you choose to take them up on that – and again, it’s your choice – there has to be a price. If you ejaculate, and believe me when I say that ring around your cock will be able to tell us, you will be required to return the favour to someone else.”

What did she mean, “return the favour?”, Dan wondered. But before he had a chance to put his hand up to ask, the Domina was reaching over the desk and pressing a button. “Arianna”, she spoke into what was clearly an intercom, could you come in here please?”

What they had taken to be a wood panel on a side wall slid open, revealing what was clearly an adjoining office. Into the room walked the pretty secretary who had met them when they arrived. “Yes ma’am?”

The Domina smiled at her. “I need a demonstration dear. These new pupils are to be shown what may be asked of them by any member of staff who requires their services. I’ve been very pleased with the work you’ve been doing lately, so I’m happy to let you select which one of these two you’d like to try out.”

Arianna’s face lit up. “Ooh, thank you Domina, that’s very kind of you.” She looked at the two young men and quickly pointed to Paul. Typical, thought Dan. “You – over here on the floor in front of me”, she said imperiously, gesturing for Paul to kneel at her feet.

With not a trace of self-consciousness, the secretary rolled down her panties and carefully stepped out of them. She leant back against the wall, spread her legs, and hiked up her skirt. Her pubic area was completely shaven. She moistened one finger, then delicately inserted it into her bald quim.

“A delightful sight, I’m sure you agree?”, said the Domina. “But perhaps one you can’t quite enjoy as you would like?”

It was true. Dan and Paul once again experienced the disconcerting sensation of being thoroughly turned on, yet unable to feel any response from their flaccid members. I have got to learn to control myself, thought Dan.

“Hold that pose for a moment dear”, the older woman said. “There’s someone else we need for this particular lesson.” Once again, she reached over to the intercom. “Send up one of the attendants please.”

For the next few minutes Arianna slowly and sensually stroked herself, as the boys’ frustration steadily grew. Then the lift doors opened to reveal a well-built man dressed in the same all-black outfit that they had seen earlier in the day. Like his colleagues, he made no sound. The Domina positioned him beside Arianna, then tapped a button on her bracelet. She nodded to the secretary. “You can arouse him now dear.”

Arianna quickly unzipped his trousers, reached into his jocks and liberated a long, slender cock. It too, the boys could see, had a silver ring. The young woman stroked it appreciatively. It quickly came to attention.

The Domina came over and stood next to them. “Now”, she said to Paul. “You can do one of two things. While Arianna takes care of this piece of meat, you can give her oral pleasure, until she’s fully satisfied. But you will get no relief. The inhibitor stays on.

“Or” – and now the smile was back, broader than ever – “I flick a switch, you get as hard as you like, and the beautiful Arianna here will suck you off instead. You can cum straight into that pretty mouth, and she will swallow it down. But if you do that, I told you there’s a price. You get to have that” – she indicated the attendant’s throbbing appendage, which Arianna was gently massaging – “in your mouth, and you perform the exact same service for him.

“So, what’s it to be young man?”

Paul pulled a face. “There’s no way I’m putting a dick in my mouth”, he said firmly. “I’m no faggot .... er, ma’am”, he appended lamely in response to her glare.

“Are you sure? Well, so be it. Arianna, over to you!”

The secretary moved over to a comfortable armchair on the other side of the study, beckoning Paul and the attendant to follow. She sat down and once more spread her legs. Paul was again forced to kneel in front of her. She seized his head and pulled it into her lap. “That’s it. Now lick that pussy.”

Paul was obviously doing this for the first time, as she had to give him several instructions before he found the spot and the pressure she was seeking. When she was ready, she positioned the attendant so that he was straddling both the chair and Paul. With a sigh of content, she pulled him forward and wrapped her lips around his long cock.

As her head moved backwards and forwards, the attendant began to thrust forward in time with her. All the while, Paul’s head bobbed up and down as he worked his tongue over her slit. The erotic tableau was driving Dan crazy with frustration. He saw that Paul too was ineffectually clutching at his groin.

The action was over almost as quickly as it had begun. The attendant gave a grunt, and arched his back as he came in the secretary’s willing mouth. Arianna swallowed convulsively, and carefully squeezed his dick to milk the last few drops, which she licked up with relish. Then she turned her attention to Paul and shuddered as her own orgasm rippled through her body. With a jerk she pushed both men away and relaxed back on the chair. “Thank you ma’am”, she called to the Domina, as she got her breath back.

“No, thank you dear. A perfect demonstration, I thought.” As Paul got to his feet and tried to wipe the unfamiliar taste of a woman’s juices off his mouth, chin and nose, the Domina dismissed the attendant with a curt wave. Pausing only to bow to both Arianna and her mistress, he departed as silently as he had arrived. There was a story there, thought Dan – but not one that he felt anxious to hear.

The Domina clapped her hands. “Now it’s getting very late, so time for you two to get to bed. You have a big day ahead of you tomorrow. It’s too late for you to go to the dorms, so we’ve made up beds for you in the Dressing Room. We’ll also give you some sandwiches – nobody starves here at St Odette’s, you’ll find the food is more than acceptable. And such lovely serving wenches too!”

She paused. “Oh, I nearly forgot. We have to allocate you into either Lilac or Rose group – that’s how your class is divided. One in each I think. Dan, you can choose.”

Dan looked at her warily, but could think of no reason to object. “Er, I’ll take Rose thanks ma’am.”

The Domina consulted the screen on her desk, then smiled. “Oh, an excellent choice – you get to wear the girls’ uniform first then.”

Dan felt his cheeks grow hot. “G-girls’ uniform?” His voice came out as a squeak. “Ma’am?”, he added under the pressure of her gaze.

“Oh yes, didn’t I tell you? Well to heighten your study experience, we divide our entry class into two groups. They alternate wearing male and female uniforms. It’s Friday tomorrow, so it’s the Rose group’s turn to be girls. Now you’ve had all that nasty body hair removed, I’m sure you’ll look lovely”

“But what kind of unif–”. His question was quickly cut off. “You’ll find out in the morning.” She ushered them to the lift, but stopped to add: “Your teacher Miss Pettis and I have been looking through the files Mrs Lake sent us. We have something special planned for you by way of an orientation ceremony – for you both actually. It should be quite a show.”

They didn’t dare ask what she meant, especially as she was fingering her control bracelet as she said this. Instead they meekly trooped into the lift. At the bottom, Arianna led them back to the room they had woken up in – the Dressing Room, the Domina had called it. True to her word, there were two beds waiting, a plate of sandwiches, and glasses of milk. Arianna waited until they had each taken a sip before revealing that it had something in it “to help you sleep”.

Tired, dispirited and still frustrated from the sex show they had been forced to watch (or in Paul’s case, participate in), the two friends took a few bites of food and then fell back onto their beds. As they drifted off into a deep, dreamless sleep, they tried not to think about what was in store for them in the morning ...

In Chapter Four, Paul and Dan get into uniform for their first day in class – and a very special initiation.

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