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The big car crunched across the gravel as it drove through the imposing iron gates and down a long driveway to a large stone building. A modest sign gave the only clue to its identity. “St Odette’s”, it read, and in smaller letters underneath: “Ex virtute forma acclinis”.

Their journey had started early that day, with only Mrs Lake up to see them off. They were collected by an impressive limo driven by a large young man in a black uniform. When they endeavoured to ask him where they were going, he made no sound, but gestured at his throat. They understood that there was something wrong with his voice and that he could not speak. Dan thought he caught a glimpse of some kind of thin, silver collar underneath the driver’s shirt, but couldn’t be sure.

The journey, as Mrs Lake had promised, took many hours, mostly down what seemed to be back roads, and it was late afternoon before they arrived. As the car pulled up, another man in black came out to collect their bags and take them inside. He too said not a word. The silence was broken by a young woman, who came out of what was obviously the main entrance to the building.

“Ah, our new pupils! Welcome to St Odette’s. My name’s Arianna, and I work for the Domina. I’ve been asked to look after you until she’s ready to see you.”

“The Domina?”, queried Dan. “Oh yes, it’s a special title we use here for you might call the principal”, answered Arianna in a pleasant contralto.

The boys looked at her with interest. She wore a tight, black and fairly low-cut dress, overlaid by a white, short-sleeved cotton top that was tied just under her bust. The contrast served only to draw attention to her smooth, olive-skinned cleavage. Her large, hazel eyes were magnified by the black-rimmed spectacles she wore, her pretty face framed by dark bangs that spilled free from a loose bun.

Most exciting for Dan, she wore striking, patterned black hose and stiletto heels. She was a fantasy version of a secretary, the sort that any man would dream of having on call at his office. Dan was entranced, even if there was something unusual about her that he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

Noticing the attention, Arianna smiled. “You must be Dan. And you must be Paul”, she added, turning to his friend. Without pausing to explain how she knew who was who, she asked them to come inside. “The attendants will take your bags up to your rooms. If you’ll just come with me, our first stop is the sick bay. All our new pupils are required to have a short medical examination after they arrive.”

The boys followed her down a dark corridor that led off the entrance hall. Arianna ushered them into a small waiting room, and said “I’ll just check if the nurse is ready to see you”. She opened a heavy door, disappeared for a moment, and then returned to ask Dan to follow her into a small, well-equipped surgery. Paul was asked to wait.

Arianna asked Dan to sit on an examination couch. “I’ll leave you in Melanie’s capable hands. Good luck!” He watched her avidly as she walked out of the room, drinking in the sight of her glorious, nylon-clad legs and sweetly swaying bottom. But a minute later all thought of her was banished as an even lovelier woman entered the surgery in her place.

She was dressed as a nurse – but again, she wore the kind of outfit that seemed to have come out of a lingerie catalogue. Her short white dress scarcely covered the tops of her white, fishnet stockings. A zip on the front was pulled down to reveal a lacy bra, while a red cross adorned both one perky breast and the white hat that perched on top of her long, blonde tresses. To complete the effect, she had bright red platformed shoes with criss-crossing straps and punishingly high heels.

Ignoring his frozen stare, she looked at him brightly and said, in a low, breathy voice, “Hello Mr Scott, I’m Melanie. I’ll be giving you your examination today. Just take your clothes off and pop them on the chair, there’s a good boy.”

He looked at her with some consternation. “My c-clothes?”, he stuttered. He was painfully aware of the predictable reaction in his pants to the vision in white who now stood over him. Apparently reading his mind, the nurse glanced down at the telltale bulge in his lap and grinned wryly. “Don’t worry”, she told him, “it’s nothing I haven’t seen!”

Reluctantly, he stood up and began to disrobe. As he pulled off his jocks, his erect member sprang to attention. He tried to cover it with his hands. “Hmmm”, said Melanie, ”we’ll take care of that in a minute”. Without pausing to explain this comment, which caused his cock to throb even harder, she took one of his hands and passed it through a fine, silver bracelet. With an expert flick, she ripped off a strip attached to the outside of the bracelet, which seemed to constrict and settle gently but very snugly around Dan’s wrist.

“That’s your enrolment bracelet. You’re required to wear it at all times. In fact, you’ll find you won’t be able to get it off until it’s time to leave.”

Dan tried tugging it at it. It didn’t budge. “What the hell is this thing?”

“It’s a nifty bit of military hardware that one of our more talented graduates kindly acquired for us. It can only be removed by a special machine, and it helps us to exercise proper control over our pupils.”

“What do you mean, ‘control’?”

“Oh, you may find out shortly. Now, there’s a second bracelet I need to slip over your penis.”

Dan backed away, startled. “There’s no way you’re putting anything over my cock! What on earth is going on here?” As he moved away, he saw the nurse touch a bracelet on her own wrist that he had not previously noticed. “I warn you, I –” But as he started to the door, he felt blackness close around him. He was unconscious before he hit the floor …

He came round suddenly, as if he had been woken by a bucket of cold water. He had clearly not been out for long. Melanie was regarding him with some amusement. “Told you”, she said smugly. “No bruises, I hope?”

His hip was a little sore, but otherwise he felt unharmed. A sudden intuition, however, made him look down. Melanie had clearly been busy. A silver bracelet, somewhat thicker than the one on his wrist, encircled the base of his cock. It did not feel tight or uncomfortable, but again he was utterly unable to budge it when he tried to get it off. “What have you done to me?”, he cried out.

“Well, I’ve fitted two control devices – every pupil here has them. The first is on your wrist, and you’ve already seen what it can do. If you fail to co-operate in any way, we can knock you out in less than a second. It presses some kind of nerve point – but don’t ask me more, I never finished my science classes here and I suspect it’s way too advanced for an airhead like me to follow anyway.” She smiled, though Dan had the idea that she was smarter than she let on.

“And what about the –?” He gestured helplessly at his groin.

“Well, that has a couple of neat tricks. One sends a surge of unbelievable pain straight through your balls.” Melanie shivered. “Trust me when I tell you that you don’t want me to demonstrate that! We only use that to punish recalcitrants – and most of our pupils quickly learn that whatever their problem, it’s not worth the price of rebellion.”

Dan was beginning to feel sick. What had he gotten himself into? “And the other, er, trick?”

“Oh, that doesn’t hurt at all. It simply removes your ability to get any physical reaction if you get aroused. Here, let me show you.”

She reached forward, and made to take hold of his cock. “Hey, leave that alone!” cried Dan, evading her grasp.

“Don’t be silly”, she admonished him, reaching for her bracelet. “Do I have to make you co-operate?”

Dan forced himself to remain still as she advanced and took hold of his member, which had shrunk under the stress of the unexpected treatment meted out to him. “Let’s see what we can do”, she said teasingly.

With one hand she began to expertly stroke his small appendage. With the other, she reached up and pulled down the zip on the front of her dress. She worked one breast free of its lacy cup, and began to stroke the nipple, biting her lip and looking straight into Dan eyes.

He could not help his reaction. No healthy, hetero male could have. His meat quickly stiffened in her hand, and she gently stroked the shaft. A moan escaped Dan’s lips.

Melanie smiled again, reached down to her bracelet and tapped a button. The effect was instantaneous. All the blood flooded out of Dan’s engorged member, and his erection deflated as quickly as it had arrived. Yet at the same time, despite the absence of any physical hardness, he still felt aroused. He moaned again, but this time in sheer frustration.

As the nurse released her grip he seized his cock and tugged frantically at it, but there was no response. It simply lay inert in his hand. He had to fight down the urge to tear at it, to force it to life. His brain was telling him that he was rock hard – but the urge for relief simply could not be sated.

Legs trembling, he turned away from the gorgeous young nurse, who was calmly tucking her exposed breast back into her starched white uniform. Dan hunched over, trying to concentrate on the tiled floor, the furniture around him – anything other than the erotic vision behind him.

He felt her hand on his shoulder, and all but one part of his body stiffened. “Better get used to that feeling, hon”, she murmured, not unkindly. “You’ll find that we keep a tight lid on our pupils’ ability to react to the opposite sex.

“But all that will be explained soon enough. In the meantime, we need to get you measured up for your uniform. Come on, it’s this way.”

She helped him up and gently directed him out of the door, down the corridor and into a windowless room that contained several more couches. A dressing table and mirror ran the full length of one side of the chamber. The remainder of the space was taken up by large, floor to ceiling wardrobes.

Melanie took Dan to the nearest couch. He was still struggling to recover from the shock of the artificial detumescence he had endured, and made no attempt to resist when she directed him to lie down. She went back to the door, and turned to look back at him.

“Now, when you wake up, be sure to put on the clothes left out for you, and then wait until someone comes to fetch you, OK?”

Dan half-raised himself on one elbow. “Did you say, when I wake –”. But she was already reaching for her bracelet …

The story continues in Chapter Three, in which Dan and Paul learn more about the special regime at St Odette’s – and make the first of the choices that will shape their education there.

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Love it! Can't wait for PArt

Love it! Can't wait for PArt 3!

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St Odette's seems to have all of the right facilities and staff for a reform (or is that transform) school!!

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a fantasy!

What a fantasy to imagine those two bracelets! How I wish we can really make them to control the wayward boys!!

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i love

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Wish this place was for real

Wish this place was for real lol

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